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Burning for Better Santa Clarita Insurance Quotes

Santa Clarita is a tinderbox for wildfires. In the summer, the weather gets scorching hot and the humidity drops to near zero. What’s more, much of the native local vegetation is perfect kindling. Whether you are a homeowner desperately seeking Santa Clarita insurance or you are a Six Flags employee who just wants a better deal on auto insurance, NetQuote can help you sort through your options and find and compare quotes from five or more major US insurers.

Don’t Be Driven Crazy by Santa Clarita Insurance

Finding good deals on auto insurance in Santa Clarita can be tougher than even the most challenging carnival games at Six Flags Magic Mountain. With traffic roaring from Los Angeles on the 405 freeway, Santa Clarita drivers get subjected to a non-stop bombardment of uninsured motorists and careless speeders. To top it off, auto insurance in California is not exactly cheap. The average expenditure is $800, according to National Association of Insurance Commissioners figures from 2007. This is a silver lining, however. California does have relatively modest minimum liability requirements for drivers: $30,000 bodily injury (per accident), $15,000 bodily injury (per person), and $5,000 property damage. For what it’s worth, crime is very low in the area: the Federal Bureau of Investigation ranked Santa Clarita as the sixth safest city in the U.S.

Burning for Santa Clarita Insurance Quotes for Homeowners

California already has a relatively high average premium for homeowners –$925 according to 2007 estimates drawn up by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). And if you are a Santa Clarita resident –particularly if you live in an area that’s been scorched by one of the dozens of recent wildfires –you may find it extremely difficult to get coverage at reasonable rates. You could exempt fire coverage. But what if your house becomes another unfortunate victim of the next catastrophic wildfire? You could be left without any compensation. So, what’s the smartest course of action?

Turn to NetQuote for Immediate Answers

Don’t wait until Fire Season to tap into NetQuote’s system for drumming up trustworthy Santa Clarita insurance quotes. Whether you need a homeowners policy that covers fire damage, or you simply want insurance for the car you use to commute to and from Master’s College, NetQuote can help. Fill out our simple online form. You will get back several different rate quotes –at least five, perhaps more. Then use these data to compare and contrast your options. NetQuote also offers free articles about how to get lower rates and optimize policy buying decisions.

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