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Santa Clara Insurance —The Basics

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, residents of this high tech city enjoy lower insurance rates than the national average. Homeowners pay an average of $20 less than the national rate of $696, and renters pay an average of around $12 a month for their insurance. Even if these rates do seem high, consider that California is a high-risk area for earthquakes, fires, and other natural disasters, so in reality, you’re already getting a pretty good deal.

In Santa Clara, renters and homeowners are split equally –50% of residents own their homes while the other 50% rent. Whether you need homeowner insurance or renters, it’s important to comparison shop for the best prices by comparing your Santa Clara insurance quotes.

Santa Clara Insurance for Homeowners

Knowing the basics of what you need will also help you find low Santa Clara insurance quotes. There are six main types of homeowner insurance and range from very basic protection against fire to condo owners to owners of older homes. Unless your home is over 100 years old, you will most likely opt for HO-3 coverage. It protects your home from 16 named perils that covers pretty much everything, from fire to theft to volcanoes. However, no type of insurance covers flood or earthquakes. These policies will need to be purchased separately, so make sure your Santa Clara insurance quotes include them if you live in a flood plain or an area prone to earthquake activity.

Insurance for Renters

If you rent your home, don’t fall under the mistaken impression that your landlord’s insurance covers your belongings. Renters insurance, also called an HO-4 policy, will insure your personal belongings against not only perils such as fire, smoke damage, or theft, but it also includes liability coverage in the event someone is injured on your property and seeks restitution. A typical policy will include $10,000 for your personal property and $100,000 in liability.

Unlike homeowners insurance, renters insurance is completely optional. However, it’s so inexpensive –less than $200 for an entire year –that there is really no reason not to get it. In the event a fire or break-in causes you to lose all of your belongings, $200 is a small price to pay to have it replaced.

When shopping for insurance, whether homeowner or renters, make sure you realistically take into account the amount of deductible you can afford. A $1,000 deductible may certainly lower your monthly rates, but it will be useless if you need to file a claim but don’t have the money for the deductible.

Finding Santa Clara Insurance Quotes

Once you know the type of coverage you need, the amounts you want to insure your home and belongings for, and the deductible you can afford, you can start looking for quotes to compare. Even if you are unsure of what you need, has a wealth of information on all types of insurance, so you are sure to find the information you’re looking for. Then, you can receive Santa Clara insurance quotes for free in a matter of minutes.

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