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Your Golden Ticket: Santa Ana Insurance

The Golden City glows with a flourishing art scene and revitalized downtown area. This culturally diverse community is ideal for families who want to be close to beaches and, of course, Disneyland. Santa Ana residents have so many options when it comes to extracurricular activities it’s no wonder well over 300,000 people call it home. But this big city has its share of crises that might make you want to consider arming yourself with quality Santa Ana insurance.

What Drives Your Rates?

In less than 30 minutes, Santa Ana residents can be basking on Laguna, Huntington, or Newport Beach. But beaches beckon people from all over the Golden State, especially during the summer months, which means busy beaches and crowded roads along the way. With anxious beach-goers behind the wheel, car accidents are to be expected. California law says your insurance policy must include liability auto insurance at a minimum of $15,000 for injury or death to one person, $30,000 for injury or death to more than one person, and $5,000 for property damage. But you’ll feel the heat if injuries or property damage exceed these minimum coverages, especially if you are in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. With this in mind, you may want to consider adding additional liability, collision, uninsured and/or underinsured coverage to your insurance policy.

Additionally, check into comprehensive coverage when gathering your Santa Ana insurance quotes. In 2008, The Federal Bureau of Investigations reported 1,535 motor vehicle thefts in Santa Ana. If the vehicle is not found, comprehensive auto insurance compensates you for the value of your car. Comprehensive coverage also protects the policy holder’s vehicle from damages caused by fire, vandalism and weather damage. You’ll find many insurance companies will offer discounts to your policy if your vehicle has safety features like an alarm, anti-lock brakes or automatic seat belts. Discounts are also available if you insure more than one vehicle or combine your insurance policies.

A Shaky Subject

California has experienced the lion’s share of earthquakes in the continental United States, according to the United States Geographical Survey. says the Santa Ana-area historical earthquake activity is above California state average and 2,466% greater than the overall U.S. average. Residents should be cognizant of their city’s earthquake activity and assess the value of their property and its belongings when researching Santa Ana insurance quotes.

The California Earthquake Authority suggests you answer the following questions:

  • Can you afford to replace your household possessions (such as sofas, beds, TVs, furniture, refrigerators, and clothing) if they were destroyed in an earthquake? How much would they cost?
  • If you have to find temporary accommodations because you cannot live in your home as the result of an earthquake, how much will you need to pay for those additional living expenses?
  • If you own your home, how much home equity do you have? Can you afford to risk losing that equity if an earthquake damages or destroys the home?
  • How much would it cost to rebuild your home? Do you have assets available to repair or even rebuild your home after an earthquake?
  • Do you have a mortgage, second mortgage, or line of credit on your home? Can you afford to continue repaying those loans while also paying to rebuild or replace your home?

More than likely, your Santa Ana insurance provider can include earthquake damage on your homeowners insurance policy. If not, you may choose to seek separate earthquake damage insurance.

Santa Ana Insurance Quotes

While Santa Ana insurance is essential, researching your insurance providers can be laboring. If you take a few minutes to fill out one application, NetQuote’s free service can take this burden off you. While you’re toes are combing the beach sands, NetQuote will be working hard to get you several Santa Ana insurance quotes and send them straight to your computer.

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