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The Lowdown on Roseville Insurance Quotes

The Sacramento suburb of Roseville is growing at a fast rate. Great shopping, good schools, plenty of outdoor activities, and massive downtown revitalization programs are just a few of the reasons people are flocking to Roseville, California.

About 70% of Roseville residents are homeowners, and owning a home means shopping for homeowners insurance. Luckily, California residents enjoy insurance rates that are lower than the national average. However, you can end up spending more money than you need to on insurance if you don’t know the basics.

Roseville Insurance Basics

As you shop for Roseville insurance quotes, you’ll find it useful to know the classification system for insurance. There are seven classifications of homeowner insurance that are recognized in the industry. As a general rule, homeowners will typically choose either HO3 or HO5. Both are great forms of coverage.

  • HO3. Also known as Special Form Homeowner Policy, HO3 covers 16 named perils that could damage your home, including lightning, smoke, fire, wind damage, hail, and more. HO3 covers the structure of your home only.
  • HO5. This policy, also called Premier Homeowner Policy, includes everything that HO3 covers, but it also includes the contents of your home as well. This is helpful because in the event of perils like fire or smoke that could destroy your furnishings, appliances, clothing, etc. will be covered.

What You Should Know About Roseville Insurance

There are several misconceptions regarding homeowner insurance you should be aware of.

  • Earthquake and flood insurance are not included. If you live in an area prone to flooding or earthquakes, it’s important to know that earthquake and flood damage are not included in your policy and must be purchased separately. Because earthquakes are a real threat in California, you might want to include earthquake coverage in your Roseville insurance quotes.
  • Renters are not covered by their landlords. If you rent in Roseville, you should know that your landlord’s insurance covers the structure, not your possessions. Renters insurance is inexpensive (averaging about $250 a year) and keeps your belongings covered in the event of damage and theft.

Where to Find Roseville Insurance Quotes

When you’re ready to buy your policy, make sure you shop around and compare rates. A great place to do this is Not only can you research insurance to learn requirements, basics, and general information, but you can also get accurate quotes on your Roseville insurance for free.

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