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Wading the River: Riverside Insurance

Driving during rush hour is stressful as it is and Riverside, California‘s freeways have had a reputation of being overcrowded for years. In 2009, Inrix ranked the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario district as the 18th most congested metro area in the United States, which one of the reasons Metrolink came to be. The 2.6 percent of you who decided to take advantage of Riverside’s public transportation system are feeling some relief when it’s time to hit the road, but many of you have not only have the pressure of braving the freeway traffic but your Riverside insurance quotes might make you squeal.

To Drive or Not to Drive

Factors that determine your Riverside insurance quotes vary depending on a myriad of factors including the type of car you drive, where you drive and how often you drive. According to U.S. Census Bureau, the mean travel time to work between 2006 and 2008 was 29.3 minutes for Riverside residents. But travel time can go well above this average for the 31.7 percent of you who work outside Riverside County. If you drive a lot your auto insurance premiums will increase because the more often you drive, the more likely you’ll be in a car accident. To boot, if you’re driving a sports car or SUV to Los Angeles every day your Riverside insurance quotes will increase some more. But on a high note, using the Metrolink or another form of public transportation for the bulk of your travels will reduce your Riverside insurance premium.

Assess Your Needs in Life

You may not have even considered having a life insurance policy if you’re single with no children. Why get one if you have no dependants, right? On the contrary, there are a couple reasons why a single person might want to consider buying a life insurance policy. 1. In the event of your death who would pay for your funeral? Taking into consideration the cost of a casket, embalming, burial, headstone and hiring a funeral director, you’re funeral could cost close to $10,000. Leaving behind a little cash for your funeral would take the stress off your family and friends. 2. Do you have any loans that required a cosigner? If you do, your cosigner could ultimately be responsible for payment of those loans in the event of your death.

If you have a spouse and children who rely on your income alone, a life insurance policy is practically a necessity. How would they afford your mortgage payment, credit card bills, college tuition or even groceries without your income? You have several life insurance options including whole life, term life, endowment, just to name a few. Assess your family’s needs and decide which life insurance policy is right for you, and then gather a handful of Riverside insurance quotes to see what you can afford.

Smell the Savings

The best way to find out if you’re getting the best deal is to gather multiple Riverside insurance quotes. You can take on this endeavor on your own or you could take advantage of a free service like NetQuote. Simply visit and fill out a quick and easy form. NetQuote staff will work diligently to find you the best Riverside insurance coverage at an affordable price, all while sitting poolside and breathing in the orange blossoms.

Please provide a valid zip code.