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Making Sense of Richmond Insurance

The city of Richmond, California boasts the beauty of the Bay area and plenty of wildlife, impressive scenery, and shopping and entertainment. It’s also home to some of the most volatile natural disasters in the state, from earthquakes and floods to tornados.

With a high risk for disaster, it’s important to have the proper Richmond insurance coverage for your home. But homeowners insurance is difficult to navigate, with many options for coverage and exclusions you may not know existed.

Types of Homeowners Insurance
When getting Richmond insurance quotes, you’ll have a number of options to choose from for your homeowners insurance. These include:

  • HO-2. This is a basic policy covering your home from damage from fire, lightning, wind, hail, and theft.
  • HO-3. Most homeowners will get this policy, which protects your home from 16 types of perils. However, this excludes flood, earthquake, war, and any other exclusions listed in your policy.
  • HO-4. This policy for renters insures a renter’s personal belongings, loss of use, liability, and medical payments as a result of injury from the most common perils.
  • HO-6. This policy for condo owners covers condos against the most common perils as well as personal liability, in the event someone is injured in your home and sues you, and medical payments.
  • HO-8. Designed for older homes, this is a cash value property for homes that may have a lower market value than replacement cost. It covers the structure as well as contents.

Special Considerations
As mentioned above, Richmond residents tend to have some pretty extensive natural disasters. With that in mind, your Richmond insurance quotes should include:

  • Earthquake coverage. This is separate from your regular policy and covers damage that results from an earthquake.
  • Flood insurance. Even though your policy covers water damage, this excludes damage from actual floods. This insurance is regulated by the National Flood Insurance Program and also must be purchased separately.

Should Richmond ever see a tornado again, this is one of the perils covered by your Richmond insurance. Same goes for wildfires, lightning, hail and wind damage, and more.

Saving on Your Richmond Insurance Quotes

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