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Squeezing the Most out of Pomona Insurance Quotes

The population of Pomona, California has nearly doubled from just over 90,000 in 1980 to over 160,000, as of a 2005 estimate. This boomtown connects California’s Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley; residential centers have been expanding both in the Phillips Ranch neighborhood and Northern Pomona. Whether you teach at Pomona Unified School District or attend classes at Western U, you may be concerned about your Pomona insurance options. What kinds of auto, health, life, business, and other policies should you investigate? How can you compare rates effectively? NetQuote can help simplify your search. Our service lets you contrast options from five or more different insurers.

Essential Pomona Insurance Information for Car Owners

Even if you don’t participate in the Winter Nationals Drag Racing race at Pomona Raceway, chances are you spend a fair amount of time on roads like the 10 Freeway and Pomona’s clogged surface streets. Given how much time you spend in your car –whether you work for the City of Pomona or teach at Cal Poly Pomona –you need solid information about auto insurance options. Here are some facts to help you. In 2007, Californians paid $800 on average –$5 more than the United States average of $795. Californians paid $112 for comprehensive, $372 for collision, and $465 for liability, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. As of February 2010, CA bodily injury liability minimums are $30,000 per accident and $15,000 per person. Property damage minimum is $5,000. Low income Pomona drivers may qualify for reduced minimum limits, according to the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan: $20,000 for bodily injury per accident, $10,000 bodily injury per person, and $3,000 property damage.

To get your costs down, consider driving less (yeah, right!), taking a defensive drivers course, or applying for a good student discount if you have good grades at Pomona College or Cal Poly Pomona. You might also opt for a higher deductible and get your auto insurance from the same company that you get your life, health, or other kinds of coverage.

No More Moaning over Pomona Insurance Quotes for Homeowners

If you live in a residential part of Pomona (e.g. Phillips Ranch near Diamond Bar), you want quality coverage that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and at the same time won’t leave you exposed to too much risk. Consider that, on average, Californians in 2007 spent $925 for homeowners insurance and $231 for renters insurance, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Compare these numbers to the US average of $822 for homeowners and $182 for renters. Pomona homeowners have certain advantages over other Californians, in that Pomona boasts a relatively dry and temperate climate (slim chance of tornadoes and hurricanes blowing through here). Also, the brushfire hazards that threaten relatively nearby communities like Santa Clarita tend not to be much of a problem here. That said, crime can be a problem in certain areas of the city, and the gusting winds that blow through the Southland can cause wind damage to property. Mitigate against these risks by installing a security system, opting for a high deductible, comparison shopping, and buying or renting in a safe neighborhood.

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