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On-Point Ontario Insurance Quotes

Ontario, California is known to most Southern Californians simply as the home of Ontario Airport. But this Inland Empire town is much more than a portal. It is a thriving manufacturing center which once boasted its own motor speedway and which supports an array of farms, business centers, and fun places for kids (such as Scandia Amusement Park, Raging Waters, and the Ontario Mills Mall). But with all the traffic coming into and out of Ontario via the 10 Freeway and all the growth associated with the New Model Colony plan, life in town is in flux. This makes it challenging for Ontario insurance buyers to figure out how to shop for insurance products. NetQuote can simplify your quest for superior insurance quotes. But before we discuss the NetQuote advantage, let’s explore two key kinds of insurance: auto and home.

X Factors Affecting Ontario Auto Insurance

According to 2007 figures compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Californians pay an average of $800 for auto coverage. This breaks down to $465 for liability, $370 for collision and $112 for comprehensive. These rates have actually gone down since last decade (from 2003-2005, for instance, Californians paid around $840 per annum). Uninsured motorists are a serious problem in Southern California. The Insurance Research Council reports that, as of 2007, 18% of Californians were uninsured. California is the 7th worst state for uninsured drivers. Bodily injury coverage requirements include $30,000 minimum (per accident) and $15,000 minimum (per person). Property damage minimum is just $5,000. But given the high rate of uninsured motorists, you might want to opt for slightly more property damage coverage and tack on some uninsured motorist (UM) coverage as well.

The 10 Freeway crisscrosses Ontario, sending a huge volume of traffic through town on a daily basis and causing traffic snarls, congestion and collisions. Surface streets can get quite clogged during rush hour as well. To that end, to get better Ontario insurance quotes, consider limiting the amount of driving you do to qualify for a low mileage discount.

Ontario Insurance for Concerned Homeowners

Do you lie awake worrying that a plane flying into Ontario Airport will accidentally crash through your roof? Chances are, this will not happen. Still, residents should be mindful about the risks and rewards of living where they do. According to 2007 numbers compiled by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, California homeowners insurance cost an average of $925. Renters insurance cost $231. Given the hot and dry Southern California climate, Ontario residents don’t have to worry (that much) about natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. This isn’t to say that Ontario homeowners don’t face any risks. Gusty Southern California winds, for instance, can cause extensive property damage. And Ontario is adjacent to many earthquakes zones. Quake risks can elevate Ontario insurance quotes for some homeowners. Likewise, the torrential rains of January and February can cause local flooding, which can damage homes and lead to problems like toxic mold.

On Top of Ontario Insurance with NetQuote

Whether you need a new auto insurance policy for the car that you use to commute to your job at United Postal Service or you want for homeowners’ coverage for your new place near the University of LaVerne College of Law, NetQuote can provide immediate help. Here is how it works. Fill out a free online form, and NetQuote will return 5 (or maybe even more) Ontario insurance quotes from top rated companies. Use this information for “apples-to-apples” comparison shopping.

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