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Wading into Oceanside Insurance Quotes

The surf town of Oceanside, California is a veritable playground for recreation lovers. Oceanside offers easy access to Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, the California Surf Museum, Oceanside Pier, and more beaches than could be comfortably listed on this page. With all the sunning and surfing to be done, few people want to think about shopping for insurance. But it’s an important task –particularly if you own a car, home, or business, or if you have a family to support. Unfortunately, many Oceanside beach dwellers put off shopping for Oceanside insurance until it’s too late, simply because the task seems so daunting. That’s where NetQuote can help. Our service aggregates Oceanside insurance quotes from the nation’s top insurers to help you compare numbers and learn how to get your rates lower.

You Take Your Car to Work, I’ll Take My Board

Even if you spend all your waking hours surfing, you still need to drive to the beach. So it behooves you to explore auto insurance options. Californians on average spend $800 for auto insurance, according to a 2007 estimate put together by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. On average, consumers spend $112 for comprehensive, $370 for collision, and $465 for liability. In California, minimum liability limits are quite modest. Drivers must have both bodily injury and property damage coverage. You need $30,000 bodily injury (per accident) and $15,000 bodily injury (per person). You also must have property damage coverage of at least $5,000. To get your Oceanside insurance rates down lower, drive less (and surf more), avoid accidents and traffic citations, and buy vehicles with advanced safety features.

Solving the Oceanside Insurance Dilemma for Homeowners

If you had your druthers, you might camp out in the Oceanside Museum of Art year round. Or you might spend day and night at Legoland or just lounge on the beach your whole life. Fantasies aside, however, most Oceanside residents do live in houses or apartments. And to protect your property and homes, you need a solid insurance package. Californians pay $945 on average for HO-3 homeowner packages, according to NAIC figures compiled for 2007. Even if you live close to Camp Pendleton –and thus, theoretically, should benefit from heightened security –insurers can jack up your rates if your home is unsafe or contains dangerous toys, such as a trampoline. To qualify for reduced rates, beef up your security and put in a smoke alarm system. Also, don’t invite escaped animals from the San Diego Wild Animal Park to live with you. Insurers might deem that risky.

Surfing a Wide Variety of Oceanside Insurance Quotes

As any veteran surf king from El Camino High School will tell you, you need to read the waves before getting up on your board. Similarly, to locate the best possible Oceanside insurance rates, you need to explore coverage options. Get a diverse set of quotes from NetQuote. Our free online service hooks you up with five or more Oceanside insurance quotes from well-regarded insurers across the US. Instead of having to answer questionnaire after questionnaire after questionnaire, you fill out one form and get multiple quotes. This saves you tons of time. Once you get the quotes back, compare the numbers head to head to make a more informed decision.

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