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Norwalk Insurance Quotes–What You Need to Know

If you drive a car or own a home, you know that insurance is just one of those things you have to have. However, with expensive rates and a high cost of living, if you’re like most Norwalk, California residents, you want to save money wherever possible.

Factors Affecting Norwalk Insurance Quotes
Most people know that things like getting traffic tickets or living in an unsafe area will raise your rates, but there are a surprising number of other factors that can make your Norwalk insurance quotes higher than expected.

Knowing factors that go into determining insurance rates can help you save money on your Norwalk insurance:

  • The car you drive. If you drive an expensive sports car, foreign car, or one of the most-stolen vehicles, you could be paying more for your insurance than you expected. Cars that are more prone to being ticketed, such as sports cars, or cost more to repair, like foreign vehicles, will raise your rates. And don’t think that the most stolen cars are limited to the newest and most expensive vehicles–late model Honda Accords and Civics consistently rank in the top 4 most stolen cars.
  • Your credit score. Most insurance companies will run your credit before giving you Norwalk insurance quotes. If your credit is poor, you can expect to pay 20 to 50 percent more on your auto and homeowners insurance than if you had excellent credit. Many companies equate likelihood of filing a claim with lower credit scores.
  • Your dog. If you’re shopping around for Norwalk insurance quotes for homeowners insurance, you might be surprised to come across a question that asks you about pets in your home. That’s because many insurance companies will charge higher rates if you own what is considered to be an aggressive breed, such as a pit bull or Rottweiler, in the event your dog attacks someone and you are sued as a result.
  • Your swimming pool. Warm weather means many Norwalk residents own a pool, yet this will raise your homeowners insurance rates since it is considered a high risk for liability claims. You can help combat this with an automatic pool cover and gate for your pool.
  • Number of claims you file. If you cause a 50-car pileup on the freeway, it’s safe to say your insurance rates will go up. But filing claims for things that aren’t your fault can also raise your rates. Let’s say you need your windshield replaced and choose to file a claim. Even though you were not at fault, you can expect your Norwalk insurance to go up an average of $10 a month just for getting your windshield replaced. In the long run, it would have been cheaper to pay out of pocket.

Saving on Your Norwalk Insurance Quotes
One way you can make sure you’re not paying through the roof for insurance is to shop around and compare quotes from different companies. makes this easier than ever. You can research requirements and coverage options in your area, then get multiple Norwalk insurance quotes in a matter of minutes.

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