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Boost Your Bucks: Modesto Insurance Quotes

Living in a city where you can enjoy any outdoor activity nearly every day of the year is a dream for most Americas. Be that as it may, the economy isn’t doing Modesto any favors. According to staff writer Les Christie, there were foreclosure filings for one in every 22 households in Modesto the first half of 2010. But residents of the city that boasts “Water, Wealth, Contentment, Health” are working hard to get back on track and protect their investments. Needless to say, in a lackluster economy it’s good to acquire savings when you can. One way to accomplish this is to lower your Modesto insurance premiums by comparison shopping and looking for discounts.

Reduced Risk Equals More Money
The good news is Modesto is no longer ranked the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s number one city for vehicle theft. The bad news is it’s now ranked second. A status like this can wreak havoc on your Modesto, California insurance quotes, but not if your car is equipped with a warning, immobilizing and/or tracking device. An audible alarm is great for frightening thieves, but an immobilizing device like a kill switch or fuse cut-off reinforces your vehicle’s protection, and a tracking device can lead police officers to car stealing culprits. Needless to say, with these types of devices your Modesto insurance premium will definitely be lower, but car owners lacking these mechanisms need ways to save as well, which is why it’s important to ask your agent about other discounts. For instance, if you are a senior citizen, a good student, or have had a clean driving record for more than three years, you’re probably eligible for a discount. By cutting down your drive time you will lower your annual mileage, gas consumption, car maintenance, and auto insurance premium. Try carpooling or ride the MAX a few days a week and you’ll bulk up your wallet, lower your mileage and score savings on your auto insurance.

Survey Your Surroundings
Chances are your homeowners insurance is a little high. The Insurance Information Institute says Californians paid an average of $925 for homeowners insurance in 2007. With this in mind, now is the time to take a good look at your homeowner’s policy and property as there could be changes. For example, if a fire station was built near your home or a home security system was installed since you purchased your policy you could be eligible for discounts. If a fire hydrant was placed nearby or if a neighborhood watch program was implemented in your area, you could garner even more concessions. To acquire immediate savings on your Modesto insurance quotes raise your deductible or combine your coverage with the same provider.

Resources for Recovery
It can be difficult for some to envision a healthy economy at this point in time, but sooner or later it’s bound to bounce back. In the meantime, you can see hundreds of dollars in savings on your Modesto insurance quotes if you shop around. You can visit local insurance companies, listen to their agents’ spiels and fill out their forms, or you can utilize a free online service like NetQuote. Fill out a single form and we’ll disperse your information to providers that match your profile. Within minutes you can start comparing Modesto insurance quotes from the comfort of your computer.

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