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Safety in Numbers: Comprehensive Fresno Insurance

In California’s year-round playground, the action never stops. From a Thursday night ArtHop to a drive down Christmas Tree Lane during the holiday season, the weather and attitude are tough to beat. And when everyone stays on the go, it pays to keep an eye on ways to protect yourself. Obviously this makes sense on the road, but great coverage at home also matters. The security you’ll feel from Fresno insurance is like a chauffeur to the seasonal event of your choice. And reasonable Fresno insurance quotes are the promise that everyone can take advantage.

Understanding Value

There are, of course, always unique factors for each person’s home insurance. Take a drive down Huntington Boulevard, and the homes between First and Cedar might make you worry about the cost of Fresno insurance quotes. But you can find the right amount of coverage for a premium you can afford. If you live in a 2,000 square foot home, you’ll need a policy providing just over $240,000 for the dwelling. Certain upgrades that raise the value of your home should always be figured in when you search. If you believe you should be looking for a policy covering you for over $350,000, then you may want to combine your home and auto policies to make your Fresno insurance quotes more affordable. Also, notify insurers of improvements which decrease your chances of an accident, like new interior wiring throughout the house, which lower your California home insurance cost.

Ready for the Quake

KSEE 24 isn’t going to prepare you for the worst of natural disasters: an earthquake. There’s just no way to predict with certainty, though geologists will tell you that the big one is coming. Fresno has experienced recent activity-a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in January 2010. A basic home insurance policy won’t prepare you either. It’s time to look into expanded coverage when you shop for Fresno insurance quotes. From structural damage to your home’s contents, you need to know you’re protected. Ask insurers about an earthquake rider, or an additional policy.

Legal Obligations

If you want to drive in Fresno, you’re advised to purchase at least a 15/30/5 car insurance policy: $15,000 in coverage for injury/death to one person, $30,000 for injury/death to more than one person, and $5,000 for damage to property. California auto insurance law requires every driver to prove financial responsibility, and this type of policy is the easiest way to do so. Otherwise, you’ll have your registration suspended, likely be cited, and may have your car impounded. Since these minimum amounts don’t offer very much coverage, you’ll probably want to shop around for Fresno insurance quotes that give you more liability and property damage protection.

And More Legalities

Disobeying the law has more repercussions as far as car insurance is concerned. Take the example of a 37-year-old Fresno man. He drives a 2004 Audi A6 about 25 miles a day for work. To purchase the minimum car insurance, he’ll pay around $390. However, he would increase that premium by up to $160 a year if he received a reckless driving ticket within the last six months. Other mistakes, such as skipping insurance for even a short period, could add a couple hundred dollars more to your Fresno insurance quotes. Your insurer wants to believe you’re responsible. Start by gathering all the information you can. For no cost, a service like will compare California insurance quotes and help you save money. It’s the smart way to protect yourself.

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