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Whether you are a retired KTLA-TV celebrity, a guidance counselor in the Mountain View School District or a resident who drives to work every day listening to Frank Zappa’s classic hit, “Memories of El Monte,” you could use a better, more timely way to gather up and examine El Monte insurance quotes. After all, life in sunny Southern California may seem easy to outsiders, but hazards abound here, from crime near Rosemead High to distracted drivers zooming through the San Gabriel Valley. El Monte insurance policies — for business, life, home, health, and auto — can help you mitigate against the financial risks of life’s unexpected calamities.

Of course, to get decent coverage, you must pay upfront in the form of premiums and pay on the back end (if you do make a claim) through your deductible. So the process of parsing El Monte insurance quotes can get quite complex. To that end, this article offers a basic primer on the do’s and do not’s of So Cal insurance shopping.

Surprising Advantages of Being Proactive
You may have heard the old saying, “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.” No aphorism applies better to insurance shopping. The proactive policy shopper who looks into El Monte insurance policies now (as opposed to after a calamity) can save a goodly amount on premiums.

For instance, in the arena of auto insurance, say you took off the next week from work and just worked on making yourself appeal more to potential carriers by: taking a defensive drivers course, installing antilock brakes and daytime running lights, and exploring your eligibility for discounts, such as low mileage, good student, senior citizen, and low claims. Let’s say that this week’s worth of labor nets you savings of $200 annually on your rates. If you keep your car for seven years, extrapolating, that week’s worth of proactive work will net you savings of $1,400 over the life of your policy. And it shouldn’t take you a week to complete those tasks, either.

Can you do proactive work to get your health and homeowners insurance rates down? Absolutely. Regarding health insurance: reduce your stress level, raise your deductible, consume less sugar and refined carbohydrates, and air out your home regularly so you don’t suffer too much, health wise, from indoor air pollution.

Regarding home insurance: bolster your security system and sprinkler system, consider linking your home and auto policy together (to get a multiline discount), and eliminate on-property nuisances (e.g. an unguarded pool or a trampoline). Also, if you are shopping for a pet, don’t bring home an animal that insurers may deem risky (e.g. a Doberman Pinscher or Pit-bull or an animal that has bitten a person before).

Reassess your El Monte insurance quotes regularly (at least annually, maybe more), and leverage trusted services like NetQuote and credentialed insurance agents to improve your search.

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