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Citrus Heights Insurance Quotes: Save on the Green

The city of Citrus Heights, California, is a strong advocate for the environmental movement and resource conservation. The city’s website urges people to “Learn Green, Build Green, Live Green.” Residents of Citrus Heights can do some resource conservation of their own–and save some green (dollars, that is) — when they take the time to do some comparison shopping for Citrus Heights insurance quotes.

Compare Citrus Heights Insurance Quotes Before You Buy

Consumer advocates advise people in the market for insurance to spend some time comparing policies and premiums before they make a decision. For your Citrus Heights insurance for your home, for example, you’d want to make sure that the policy from insurance company A contains the same amount and type of coverages that you see in the policy from company B. Do both policies have the same limits? The same deductibles? What are the limits on coverage for special collections like antique furniture or jewelry? Will you need to purchase additional coverage to fully protect these possessions?

You’ll also need to educate yourself about what’s not covered in standard homeowner’s policies. Water damage, whether from natural disasters like floods or everyday catastrophes like sewer backups, is not usually covered. Some policies also exclude damage due to earth movement, including earthquakes and mudslides, which can be a real concern when you live in California. If you want these coverages, be sure to ask if the insurance company can provide them and how much more it would cost you to obtain this coverage.

When you’re comparing Citrus Heights insurance quotes for your vehicle, check to see if the policies the companies are offering provide the basic liability coverage required by California law or standard coverage, which includes higher liability limits plus comprehensive, collision, insured and uninsured motorist coverages. The standard policy will cost you more in premiums, but will provide better financial protection in the event of an accident or theft.

If you’re really interested in conserving your monetary resources, don’t settle for a premium quote from just one insurer for your Citrus Heights insurance. The rates charged by different insurance companies can vary by hundreds and even thousands of dollars. In a 2010 survey of insurance premiums, the California Department of Insurance found that the homeowner’s premium for a new, $300,000 home in the area run from $469 to $1,164 on a policy with a $500 deductible. Automobile insurance premiums for a married couple with a good driving record can range from approximately $1,660 to around $5,600.

Citrus Heights Insurance Quotes: Conserve Your Time and Energy

Your time and your energy are resources that you like to conserve for the things that you really want to do, and shopping for insurance quotes probably isn’t high on that list. That’s why you need to go to when you’re ready to compare insurance policies and premiums. With NetQuote, you don’t waste your time or your energy filling out insurance application forms multiple times. Just fill out a form for the type of coverage you want, submit it to NetQuote and relax while NetQuote does the work of getting multiple insurance quotes for you–all from leading insurance companies in your area. You’ll love the time–and the money–you save when you use NetQuote for your insurance quotes.

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