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Saving on Berkeley Insurance

Home to University of California, Berkeley and the Graduate Theological Union, it’s no wonder Berkeley, California is one of the most educated cities in the nation. Located in the Bay Area, it also has a fairly high cost of living compared to the rest of the country, so the intelligent residents of Berkeley know to look for savings wherever they can.

Insurance is a must when living in California if you plan on driving anywhere, and average Berkeley insurance premiums run around $800 a year, a little more than the national average. But this is just for starters–if you add comprehensive and collision coverage, drive an expensive car, or if you have a ticket or accident on your record, you could actually end up paying a lot more than this.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save on your Berkeley insurance quotes if you know where to look. Some discounts available to California drivers include:

  • Good students. If you are in high school or college, if you have a B average or better, many insurance companies will offer discounted rates.
  • Good drivers. Those who have maintained a clean driving record free of tickets and accidents for a specified period of time are also eligible for discounts from many insurers.
  • Professional discounts. Many companies will offer discounts to certain public service professions, including educators, firefighters, police officers, or military personnel.
  • Multiple cars. If you have more than one car to insure, such as a spouse or child’s, putting them on the same policy can also save you money.
  • Multiple policy. If you need homeowners or renters insurance, you could also qualify for multiple policy discounts if your purchase more than one form of insurance from the same company.
  • Alternative fuel. If you have an electric or hybrid car, you can also take advantage of “green” discounts from many companies.
  • Customer loyalty. If you’ve been with the same company for awhile, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a customer loyalty discount; many companies provide them.

Your insurance agent can provide you with a more comprehensive list of discounts you may be eligible for. These savings can really add up, and many people who take advantage of discounts save over 20% or more on their insurance premiums.

Finding Berkeley Insurance Quotes
In order to make sure you are getting the best rates possible, it’s important to shop around for multiple quotes, then compare them. is an excellent source for finding and comparing Berkeley insurance quotes for free. You can get multiple quotes in a matter of minutes, saving you both time and money when searching for insurance.

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