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Tending to Your Anaheim Insurance

Anaheim is close to everything: beaches, stadiums, arenas, shopping, parks, hotels, restaurants. And with average temperatures of 70 degrees, it’s no wonder Walt wanted Anaheim to be Disneyland’s home. There must be angels watching over Anaheim, but who is watching over your insurance premiums? Will your insurance policies have the right amount of coverage for your assets in times of trouble? If you’re considering changing policies or simply want to know if you can get a better rate, it’s good to know what you can expect from your Anaheim insurance quotes.

Too Hot to Handle?

Wildfires have played a significant role in the Anaheim community. The 2008 Freeway Complex Fire burned 30,305 acres in the Orange County area, including Anaheim. The fire destroyed 314 residences, four commercial buildings and 43 outbuildings, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Your homeowners insurance policy covers losses caused by fires, but you may want to consider purchasing additional fire coverage especially if your home was built adjacent to the wildland areas.

To avoid wildfire damage to your home, the Anaheim Fire Department suggests you:

  • Use a more fire-resistive material like concrete tile or slate for your roof. If you have a wood shake roof, you may want to consider replacing it. Keep your roof clear of any debris.
  • Clear flammable materials, including dead vegetation, to a minimum of 100 feet around your home.
  • Remove or prune your trees.
  • Stack all wood, building debris and other combustible materials at least 30 feet from your home and other buildings.

Your homeowners insurance premium is dependent on your location, the amount of insurance you require, the size of the deductible, any special provisions, and the company from which you obtain your Anaheim insurance. As a California resident, you may also want to consider purchasing additional earthquake damage insurance.

Sure as the Sunset

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The only things certain in life are death and taxes.” In this economy, taxes are certainly a beast. And the sad truth is death is forthcoming. In the event of your death, will your family be provided for? Will you have enough money set aside to ensure they will be able to continue the quality of life you want for them? When it comes to a life insurance policy, these are the types of questions you should ask yourself before amassing Anaheim insurance quotes.

Your life insurance agent will also have questions. Typical factors an Anaheim insurance underwriter considers when determining your life insurance premium are age, health history, occupation, income, smoking or tobacco use, alcohol use, hobbies, and foreign travel. Your Anaheim insurance quotes will vary form company to company, but the above factors are generally used to equate your risk of death.

Three common types of life insurance policies are term life, whole life and endowment.

  • A term life insurance policy has a fixed rate for the term of the policy. If the policy holder dies during the life of the contract, the beneficiary will receive the face amount of the policy. Term life insurance is the least expensive.
  • Whole life insurance will cover you for your entire life. The insured pays an annual premium for the life of the policy.
  • Endowment policies have a fixed expiration date. Whether or not the policy holder dies, the face value of that policy is paid out in full. This type of policy is beneficial to those who outlive the policy and want a lump sum payout for retirement or to pay for college expenses.

Options, Options, Options

Chances are you’ve had the same insurance policies for years. But whether or not the recession has affected your household, it’s always good to know your Anaheim insurance options. Free services like NetQuote can gather several Anaheim insurance quotes for you so you can make an educated decision on how to protect yourself when life isn’t so sunny.

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