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Finding an Affordable Arkansas Health Insurance Quote

From downtown Little Rock to the outskirts of Biggers, from Hope to Success to Friendship, there are hundreds of thousands of Arkansans without health insurance coverage. Twenty-something, unemployed college grads. Forty-something single moms who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Families of four, six, eight. Not to mention the farmers who put food not only on their own table, but on the tables of Americans all across the country. Here’s what you need to know about health insurance in Arkansas and finding a quote on the individual or group insurance market that meets your needs.


Finding an Affordable Arkansas Health Insurance Quote without Money

The difficulty in finding affordable Arkansas health insurance is not hard to understand: Too many residents don’t have the money, and/or they don’t have a job that includes health coverage as part of its compensation: The state ranks in the bottom five for the percentage of residents who have employer-based health coverage, while ranking in the top ten for the percentage of residents who must find health coverage through Medicaid. But it’s the people who don’t quite fit into any category that end up “falling through the cracks,” as they say. We wish we could tell you there’s a silver bullet, a simple solution to health insurance that you simply haven’t heard of yet. If you qualify for Medicaid or another public assistance program, you have an out, and you should look into this possibility before paying the painful costs on the individual or small group insurance market. If this isn’t an option, you need to use every trick in the bag to drive down your health insurance costs, and the latest weapon in your arsenal may be finding an online Arkansas health insurance quote.

Finding Health Insurance in Arkansas without Health

Some people have the necessary financial resources to buy an Arkansas health insurance policy but, nevertheless, can’t find coverage because of a pre-existing health condition. Many of these people find health insurance through the state-run, high-risk pool, Arkansas Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (CHIP). Unfortunately, eligibility requires more than just getting denied insurance on the private market, so this isn’t an option for everybody with a pre-existing condition. With the enactment of health care reform, however, the term “pre-existing condition” may be turning into an historical footnote. A previous medical diagnosis is certainly no longer a guarantee that you’ll be denied coverage. And the first step is always to find out, and looking online for an Arkansas health insurance quote is the best way to get this job done.

Start Looking for an Arkansas Health Insurance Quote

So, what is this great advantage to looking online for health insurance in Arkansas? It is, in fact, multi-fold: 1) It’s convenient, one-stop shopping. You can solicit quotes from multiple companies and efficiently tweak specific policies and health plans to find the right balance between annual premiums and potential out-of-pocket costs. 2) It’s the free market at its best: Insurance companies know they’re not the only ones bidding on your business as a health insurance consumer. Agents have less reason to think they can pressure you into buying a policy before seeing what else is out there. 3) It’s more efficient and provides better value: Connecting with insurance companies online means these companies don’t need to spend wildly on marketing or for high commission-based sales agents. And one of the principal reasons health insurance is so much more expensive on the individual market is the high overhead costs of selling policies one at a time.

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