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Armed with a Razorback: Arkansas Business Insurance

From the outside looking in, the Land of Opportunity can seem geared more toward political opportunities than business success. After all, Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee shifted effortlessly from a state office to a national profile, right? Of course not. Political success takes planning and work, and these things translate to commercial success, too. Many business owners put their planning into products, advertising, and the top employees, but considerably less time into insurance–even though Arkansas business insurance is just as important. But look around. Is your office and its equipment protected from the violent storms that come through Tornado Alley? What happens if an employee or visitor suffers from a serious accident? If you shop around for Arkansas business insurance quotes, you can protect yourself from the hazards of owning a business without spending too much time–or money.

Arkansas Workers’ Compensation

If you own a small retail store in Fayetteville, you might enjoy camaraderie with your handful of employees. You all live in the same couple of neighborhoods, and everyone gets along. And then one day someone falls from a ladder while stocking a shelf and suffers a serious leg injury. And suddenly he doesn’t feel so friendly anymore. Should health insurance cover it? Well, that employee has the option of suing for medical expenses, lost wages, and maybe more if he’s convinced the environment was unsafe–unless you’ve done the sensible thing and purchased a workers’ compensation policy. This is an invaluable part of Arkansas business insurance, and it’s also the law if you have three or more employees. By including workers’ comp in your Arkansas business insurance quotes, you’ll save yourself a lot of money and headaches in the long run.

Don’t Be Held Liable

Liability protection is an indispensable part of Arkansas business insurance. You need to cover yourself against anyone–customers, visitors, contractors–getting an injury or illness on your premises or in the course of your business operations. You also need to protect against product defects. There’s no telling when someone will hit you with a Kenneth Starr-sized lawsuit. Save money up front by shopping for reasonable Arkansas business insurance quotes with a general liability policy. This will cover any potential losses, as well as any court costs.

Your Arkansas Assets

The Natural State has countless acres of beautiful mountains, valleys, and plains. But one unfortunate aspect of nature is its location in Tornado Alley. Maybe you own a small accounting firm in Little Rock. When a tornado comes through, are you covered through adequate Arkansas business insurance? You probably know to insure the office building, but you also need to review the policy to make sure it provides replacement value for the chairs, computers, the copy machine, and more. Also think about floods. Maybe the damage wasn’t from wind, which would be covered in a property policy in any standard Arkansas business insurance quotes, but was from flood waters. This requires a separate policy.

Arkansas Business Insurance Costs

At the same time, buying even more coverage can get costly. You might start to feel like you’re facing a Nolan Richardson full-court pressure. As it turns out, savings are pretty easy. For one thing, your Arkansas business insurance claims history is considered in for the cost of your premium. So is your deductible. Maybe only carpeting and some stacks of paper were damaged in the flood, so you decide to simply replace them rather than file a claim. If you shop for new Arkansas business insurance quotes, you’ll likely save a ton for not filing. Or maybe you chose a bigger deductible, which can save hundreds of dollars a year. Whatever route you take, make sure you compare a lot of Arkansas insurance quotes. makes this process very easy, and doesn’t cost you anything. It makes business insurance look like a Land of Opportunity.

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