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Come Out On Top: Glendale Insurance

Arizonans are still trying to wipe their mouths clean of the bitter taste of defeat. It wasn’t long ago that the Cardinals and Coyotes were on the brink of championships only to be crushed by their competition. Sadly, the Valley is still without the coveted NFL and NHL titles, but who knows what another year will have in store? That may hold true for a championship title, but waiting a year to find out if you have the best, most affordable Glendale insurance quotes just might deprive you of hundreds of dollars in savings. Get prepared for the insurance game by understanding what you’re up against, and then challenge multiple Glendale insurance companies to offer the best rate.

Holler for More Dollars

Glendale residents aren’t exactly howling for joy when it comes to their auto insurance premiums. According to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), Arizonans paid nearly $100 more annually on their car insurance than the national average ($795) in 2007. If you’re traveling to Phoenix for work, the 14th most congested city in America according to the 2009 INRIX National Traffic Scorecard, you may not be doing your Glendale insurance premiums any favors. Insurance companies figure the likelihood of getting involved in a traffic accident to be greater when you frequently drive in highly congested areas. While it may be difficult to find a carpool companion or too time consuming to ride the Valley Metro bus, there are ways to save a little cash on your auto insurance. First of all, install an anti-theft device or a tracking device if you don’t already have one. While motor vehicle theft is not as prevalent in Glendale (FBI Crime in the United States data reported 2,381 motor vehicle thefts in 2008) as it is in Phoenix (15,221 reported from the same source), insurance companies can offer significant discounts to those who take preventative measures to ensure their car’s safety. For more savings, take a driver training course, establish good credit, or increase your deductible.

Bask In Savings

Phoenicians also take the cake when it comes to property crimes in Arizona. There were 82,689 crimes against property in 2008 in The Valley of the Sun, according to the FBI. But Glendale’s record wasn’t pretty either at 13,435 property crimes. Needless to say, it’s important to protect what could be your most important asset: your home. Fortunately, Glendale insurance quotes tend to reside below the national average. The I.I.I. reported the average premium for homeowners insurance for Arizonans was $634 in 2007 which looked good next to the national average of $822. However, you may find yourself paying less than that average if you have a burglar alarm installed in your home or if you live in an area with a Neighborhood Watch program. Look for discounts when you’re tracking down Glendale insurance quotes. You’ll find many companies offer discounts to senior citizens and to those who combine their auto and homeowners insurance policies.

You Can Bank On It

If you want savings you have to seek them out. Although it’s not written, it should be a cardinal rule. To take away the risk of getting beaten by a second-rate insurance company, use a free service like NetQuote to get in the game and assist you in finding quality Glendale insurance quotes.

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