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Digging up Delicious Dothan Insurance Quotes

Southeastern Alabamans celebrated in 2006 when US News and World Report voted Dothan as the cheapest city in the United States to live in, in part because of the lax tax requirements. But whether you own a restaurant on Highway 231, work as an engineer at Qualico Steel, or raise organic tomatoes, you no doubt must wrangle with a variety of fees and other expenses that can make it difficult for you to afford high quality Dothan insurance.

Truth be told, most Alabamans — from active military professionals at Fort Rucker to the architects of the National Peanut Festival — crave a faster, simpler, and more comprehensive way to figure out their insurance needs and limits. This article can start you on that journey — introducing you to critical statistics, key cost saving themes and tactics, and a terrific secret way to get those Dothan insurance quotes.

Auto Insurance Tips, Tricks, Traps — and Beyond
In 2007, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners found that the average Alabama driver spent $684 on premiums for car insurance — $111 less than the US average of $795. Looking deeper, we see that Alabamans paid $136 for comprehensive, $317 for collision, and just $364 for liability. Those numbers may sound appealing. But driving on roads like US 84, US 431, and US 231 can be perilous. Consider that, in 2007, the Insurance Resource Council found that an astounding 26% of Alabaman drivers lacked insurance — ranking AL as the third worst state in the union for uninsured motorists. And as of early 2010, state law did not require that drivers even carry uninsured (UM) or underinsured (UIM) motorist insurance. Given that more than one out of four drivers lacks insurance, you probably should tack on UM and UIM coverage to your Dothan insurance policy.

Moreover, that $684 rate is just an average for the state. If you have a bad credit card score, if you have a speeding ticket or accident on your record, if you own an unsafe or clunky car, or if you have filed big claims in the past, your rates may be substantially higher. Fortunately, you can qualify for lower Dothan insurance quotes by implementing basic tactics. First — and this is obvious advice, but it is obvious advice not commonly heeded — drive safer. Don’t get tickets. Don’t get into accidents. Don’t drive while talking on the cell phone. Don’t drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Second, source discounts. Discount opportunities include savings for being a senior citizen, good student, low claims driver, and low mileage driver. Tweak your coverage by raising your deductible to lower your monthly premiums. Or opt out of collision and comprehensive if you own a crummy old 1988 Accord, and you don’t care whether it gets dinged up or dented.

Okay. Let’s speak a little more generally about sourcing Dothan insurance quotes. Shop around to get lots of choices. Vet your insurance company through a service like A.M. Best. And talk to a live agent to help you sort through various options — a savvy agent can clue you into potentially hidden discounts and suggest kinds of coverage you can opt out of to save more.

Shopping Around for Dothan Insurance Quotes
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