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Alabama Life Insurance: An Impenetrable Defense

Back before Nick Saban took the reigns of the Alabama football program, the fans might have needed life insurance just to get through the next game. And hey, Auburn fans know the feeling, too. But what both sides have in common (though they’d never admit it) is complete confidence that even a bad situation will soon get better. And Alabama life insurance is that same kind of confidence. Your family may need security that you can’t always provide. But a great Alabama life insurance quote, like another win on the gridiron, is always around the corner.

The Right Fan Base
In truth, it doesn’t matter if you like the Tide or the Tigers, or stay away from football altogether. But your history and needs are unique, and these play roles in the policy you need and its costs. A dock worker in Mobile could be seen to have a more hazardous job than most, which could increase the Alabama life insurance quote he finds. A 27-year-old Alabama man should see a lower premium than a 42-year-old–unless he smokes a pack or two a day. Before all this, though, you need to decide if you want a life insurance benefit for the rest of your life, for a defined number of years, or some combination. You’ll pay a little more on the premium for a whole life policy, which continues until you die and builds cash value. You’ll pay less for a term policy of 10, 15, 20 years–whichever you choose–but it will increase when time to renew. Consider your life situation and family carefully to see which might fit better.

Birmingham Whole Life
Let’s consider a 27-year-old woman who recently completed graduate school at University of Alabama. She purchased a house, began a new job, and is thinking about her future in a way she never has. What, she wonders, would she pay for an $800,000 whole life policy? She’s 5’6” and 132 pounds, and begins looking for an Alabama life insurance quote. This is a smart strategy–she can get a $651 yearly premium.

Mobile Term Life
Or instead, she moves back home near her family in Mobile. She just couldn’t pull herself away from the Bay and the fresh seafood. The 27-year-old woman chooses term life for $800,00, and discovers she can get down to $460 for a year of payments. Unfortunately, she hasn’t quite kicked that smoking habit she swore would end after college. So when we look again, at an Alabama life insurance quote that includes tobacco use, she instead pays $1,246

Bama Bargains
It may seem that nothing comes cheap anymore, but in actuality, you can create security for your family that far outweighs the cost. How so? By comparing quotes. You don’t even have to work if you enter your information into You’ll know in minutes who offers the lowest Alabama life insurance quote–and you won’t even have to miss kickoff.

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