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Find an Affordable Alabama Health Insurance Quote

With high, lingering unemployment (11.0% as of March, 2010), many Alabama families have been forced off their employer-based health coverage and have found themselves unable to afford an extension of health benefits through the COBRA health insurance program. But tens of thousands of Alabama residents never had health insurance to begin with. If you’re like most people without health insurance, you probably feel like there’s no way you can afford health insurance, even though you don’t qualify for public assistance. You know that you and your loved ones need the protection that quality health insurance affords, but you also need a roof over your heads, food on your table, and gas in your tank. At NetQuote, we don’t have all the answers for health insurance in Alabama, but we do provide reliable information and a free online referral service that helps you find the lowest available Alabama health insurance quote that meets your medical and financial needs.


Alabama’s Health Status

As if the daily concern for your loved one’s health wasn’t enough, the state’s health statistics helps explain why Alabama health insurance is anything but a luxury. According to America’s Health Rankings, the state’s poor rankings in obesity rate (49th), air pollution (45th), cardiovascular deaths (49th), premature death (48th), and infant mortality rate (48th) has created an overall health and wellness score that was third worst in the country in 2009. As such, you may be at greater risk than you realize, and you may also be among the thousands of state residents who have a medical history that makes it difficult to obtain effective health coverage, affordable or not. But it also means that if you’re a reasonably healthy individual, you should consider taking the time to demonstrate to potential health insurers that you present a much lower insurance risk than other state residents and should be entitled to lower premiums.

Alabama Health Insurance Assistance

Whether you’re having trouble finding health insurance because of your medical history or lack of financial resources, you may be to find some form of public assistance. Unfortunately, Alabama has no high-risk health insurance pool other than Alabama’s Health Insurance Plan, which meet the federal requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). There are no insurers of last resort, and self-employed individuals do not enjoy special “group of one” guaranteed access to small-group health insurance. But the state does have many health insurance programs designed to help individual with special needs, ranging from the broad scope of economic assistance for Medicaid-qualifying individuals to more specific healthcare needs such as the Alabama Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program.

To see full a list of state-administered health insurance assistance programs, click here. Likewise, more general assistance is looming in the form federal health care reform. To see how this legislation stands to benefit Alabama in particular, you can use this governmental resource.

Find a Local Alabama Health Insurance Quote

Needless to say, many state residents fail to qualify for these health insurance assistance programs but, nevertheless, struggle to obtain and maintain quality health coverage. If you’ve been recently laid off, finding an individual Alabama health insurance quote is liable to yield more affordable coverage than trying to maintain your former health benefits while footing the extra costs, now that your employer is now longer contributing to your premiums. Alternately, maybe your employer looking for more affordable group health coverage as you make the tough decisions that will allow your company to survive while avoiding as many layoffs as you can.

No matter what the situation, NetQuote can help you shop for better health insurance at cheaper prices by creating better and faster access to health insurance agents, health insurance companies, specific health plans. Simply take a minute to let us know what type of health insurance you’re looking for, and we’ll generate Alabama health insurance quotes from our database of state-licensed insurers. Not only does our service create an incredible of convenience, including a low-pressure environment that allows you to make informed decisions about your health insurance from the comfort of your home, it also creates a reliable mechanism for you to comparison-shop among multiple insurers and specific insurance policies in a fraction of the time as traditional shopping methods. With all the disadvantages you have trying to find affordable health coverage, you need to make sure you’re using all of your potential assets, including our free and cost-cutting referral service.

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