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Cotton State Confidence: Alabama Business Insurance

Maybe you operate a bank in Birmingham. Maybe it’s the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville. Whatever your business in the Heart of Dixie, you need insurance in Alabama to protect your assets, and yourself, from unexpected disaster and costly lawsuits. If you leave the door open, huge losses will head your way like a procession of ships on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. Alabama business insurance is the dam that keeps all the threats at bay. And in that sense, low Alabama business insurance quotes are the cost-effective dam workers.

Workers’ Compensation in Alabama

A multi-shift, continuous production schedule is certainly no Mardi Gras parade. Yet that’s what Atlantic Marine in Mobile promises its customers. That means there are always workers repairing ships and oil rigs, and many of them working at night. You may recognize right away the need for worker’s compensation as part of Alabama business insurance so that onsite injuries won’t lead to civil lawsuits. But even a small bank in Birmingham needs to include workers’ compensation in its Alabama business insurance quotes. Why? If you have more than four employees, full-time or part-time, state law requires workers’ compensation insurance. This will cover lost wages and medical expenses.

Alabama Premises Liability

The amount of liability coverage you need for your premises in the Yellowhammer State depends upon the work done there. It may be a small office building for a medical malpractice defense firm. Or it may be that huge shipyard. Alabama business insurance quotes will be partly controlled by history of accidents and resulting claims, so you can expect a government building in Montgomery to get lower rates than a construction site. The important thing is to determine how far your coverage extends. Does your Alabama business insurance include premises liability an off-shore oil rig? For a farmer, does it include only the immediate property, or have you properly covered yourself for every foot of tillable land? Any person injured on the premises of your business might sue, so it’s important to know that you’re fully covered.

Alabama Product Liability

Again, the amount of product liability you look for in your Alabama business insurance quotes begins with what you produce. But you need to understand some other facets to make an informed decision:

    • Strict liability: If a plaintiff can prove a product was “unreasonably dangerous,” the plaintiff doesn’t have to prove the defendant was negligent.
    • Manufacturing defect: A plaintiff doesn’t have to prove defendant negligence if a product defect is determined to have been caused by a defect in the manufacturing process.
    • Design defect: A plaintiff needs to prove that there was a defect in the design of a product, or that a safe, cost-effective alternative exists.
    • Warning and instruction defect: Also known as a “marketing defect,” this part of Alabama business insurance involves inaccurate or misleading labeling, or failure to warn about a known defect.

Covering Your Inventory

Whether you’re referring to the premises or equipment, you want coverage as stout as a Crimson Tide defensive back. In some cases, this might be expensive. The Gulf of Mexico is a hotbed for hurricane activity, so insuring an oil rig isn’t cheap. The Cotton State also experiences more thunderstorms and tornadoes than most states, so you’ll need extensive coverage against wind events, and probably should consider an additional flood policy in your Alabama business insurance quotes.

A Unified Defensive Front

For the stoutest defense, there are many things to investigate in Alabama business insurance. You know best what you need to protect and what dangers your profession entails. Decide what coverages make sense, then compare as many offers as possible. An online search through a free service like makes it easy to compare numerous offers, helping you find great rates that also promise quality insurance. In the Heart of Dixie, it’s the heart of sound business.

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