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Keeping Your Norman Insurance Quotes Low

Norman, Oklahoma residents have a lot to be proud of. This unimposing city in the heart of the Midwest is home to the University of Oklahoma and its 30,000 students, a well-known athletic program, and the honor of being voted the 6th best little city to live.

Residents can also smile when it comes to insurance–Norman insurance quotes are on the lower end of national averages for both cars and homes. This is due to a number of reasons, including lower population, low incidence of natural disasters, and lower cost of living. All of these factors result in fewer cars on the road and lower chances of claims being filed, as well as lower rebuilding costs.

There are many ways you can keep your insurance rates low, and a number of them revolve around the main economy of the city–education. There are a number of discounts available for students and educators from insurance companies that are worth looking into.

Saving On Your Norman Insurance
A few of the discounts and savings opportunities you can take advantage of when insuring your car and home in Norman include:

  • Good student. Studying will pay off in more ways than one; many students who maintain a B average or higher, whether in college or high school, can save a percentage on their auto insurance.
  • Teacher discount. Over 30% of Norman residents are employed by the university or otherwise in education. Many companies offer insurance discounts to teachers of any grade, as well as a number of other service professions like military, police, or firefighters.
  • Defensive driver. If your education includes a defensive driving course approved by the state DMV, you can also get lower Norman insurance quotes. This type of course will also erase a ticket from your record, if you take it within a specified time frame.

These are just a few of the discounts students and teachers can use to help lower their Norman insurance. Even if you are not a teacher or student, you can still save in a number of other ways, including:

  • Higher deductibles
  • Security features for home and car (for example, deadbolt locks or car alarms)
  • Insuring car and home together
  • Adding your spouse to your policy
  • Making energy efficient upgrades to your home

Comparing Norman Insurance Quotes
The best way to save on your insurance and make sure you are getting the best price possible is to shop around and compare the quotes you receive. This involves talking to a number of different insurance companies and agents and can be time-consuming–unless you use a site like With, you can research all types of insurance, then quickly and easily compare your Norman insurance quotes for free.

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