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The Online Life Insurance Quote

When reviewing a life insurance quote, it’s important to realize that not everyone requires the same amount of coverage. For instance, single people have minimal life insurance needs, so most choose to purchase just enough coverage to pay for their final expenses. People who have small children or spouses who are dependent upon their income will need enough life insurance to protect their families from financial hardship. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you’ll need enough life insurance to allow your spouse to pay for daycare expenses and assistance with household chores.

Term life insurance is generally the least expensive way to purchase the coverage you need. With term life insurance, you pay a premium to be covered for a specific time period. Whole life, variable life, universal life, and universal variable life insurance provide both a death benefit and a cash value account. These policies are more expensive than term life insurance, but you can borrow against their value if necessary.

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With the NetQuote life insurance quote system, it’s easy to find life insurance that’s right for you. You simply answer a few basic questions at a time that suits your busy schedule. You’ll then receive a life insurance quote from five different companies, giving you a chance to compare your cost and coverage options before making a final decision. Since 1989, NetQuote has helped over 10,000,000 people select life, health, auto, and homeowner’s insurance policies.

Many people wonder if it’s safe to obtain a life insurance quote online. NetQuote is committed to protecting your privacy. Your personal information won’t be sold or shared without your consent. NetQuote’s website uses SSL encryption to safeguard your social security number and other identifying information from computer hackers, so you can rest easy.

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