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Purchase Life Insurance Online

Before the advent of the Internet, getting a life insurance policy went something like this:

  • Getting in contact with a sales person or agent of a particular life insurance company
  • Scheduling an appointment and meeting with the sales person or agent
  • Gathering information from them, along with the appropriate life insurance forms, completing and then returning those forms to activate your life insurance policy

Whether you went through a sales person or an insurance agent, this traditional method of getting a life insurance policy was cumbersome and very time-consuming.

When the Internet made its entry in the mid-nineties, life insurance companies were still hesitant to take the insurance quote process online. But as technology evolved, particularly in the area of security, and when the cases of Internet fraud began dropping, life insurance companies embraced online insurance transactions.

So in 2001, most of the major life insurance companies made it possible to buy life insurance online.

Since then, there has been a dramatic change. With every passing year, more and more people are buying life insurance online.

Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Online:

  1. Convenience. Now you can shop online for life insurance from the comfort of your home at any time you choose, day or night. You don’t need to take the time to make an appointment or take off time from work to meet with an agent. And your policy is delivered to you without even leaving your home.
  1. Speed. Life insurance companies can deliver online policies much quicker than before. The entire processing time has gone down drastically, making it possible to receive your coverage earlier.
  1. Knowledge. Life insurance companies now offer you a host of services on their websites that enable you to learn about insurance and conduct your research online. You can also receive chat-style consulting on insurance and find special offers from the company. With such value-added services, shopping online for life insurance has become that much more interesting and effective.

For example, New York Life offers consumers their “Life Insurance Decision Guide,” “Schedule a Free Consultation,” and “Life Insurance Quiz.” Each of these sections is targeted specifically to consumers to enhance their knowledge of life insurance and how New York Life can help them.

Online calculators are a great tool you can use to quickly figure out which of the different saving and investment scenarios best suits your life and lifestyle. Some also offer a detailed section on annuities and help you strategize about fixed and variable annuities.

In the present world of insurance, competition is increasing among life insurance companies. This is good news for you, the consumer. To stay competitive, insurance websites are constantly evolving and improving, making the process of buying life insurance online easier for you.

See how easy it is to shop online for life insurance. Get your free life insurance quotes today!

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