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Life Insurance Agent or Company?

The decision to buy life insurance is easy. The decision of where to buy usually is not. Independent life insurance agents sell life insurance. So do life insurance companies. So, from which should you buy? Here are a few tips to help you decide which should earn your business:

Advantages of an Independent Life Insurance Agent

Independent life insurance agents do not sell exclusively for one company; instead, they have access to products from many different life insurance companies. This market access is a tremendous advantage for consumers, especially those who want several quotes to compare. Agents can quote several different policies for a single buyer and shop their clients’ business when other companies introduce a competitive product.

In addition, many people believe there is no substitute for personal attention. A distinct advantage that most independent life insurance agents have is that they are in your community–buyers can put a face with their life insurance provider. Life insurance companies usually are located in faraway places and you only deal with their staff over the phone.

Disadvantages of an Independent Life Insurance Agent

Just like you, life insurance agents are in business to earn a living. Fees and commissions paid to agents can increase the cost of your insurance. This is money you otherwise may be able to keep or use to buy more insurance if you purchase a policy directly from a life insurance company.

Also, many companies have made purchasing life insurance simple. Buying over the phone or online has never been easier. The process is quick and easy and the policy is competitively priced–all positives for buyers willing to sacrifice a relationship for the ease and informality of purchasing direct.

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