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Accidental Death Life Insurance

We hope that this never happens to any of us. But as we know, accidents happen. And no matter how careful you are, things can go wrong. Yes one might have taken a defensive driving course, he might be all concentration on the roads, but there is always the chance that there are some stupid people ready to do something. So even if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it is better you have a few life insurance quotes for accidental death.

So what exactly is a life insurance with coverage for accidental death?

The answer is simple. You get a normal life insurance, but if you die of an accident you get twice or sometimes even three times the amount you have been insured for. When someone is the soul earning member of a family, and he dies a sudden death, the whole family is shattered. Financially they are ruined, if he hadn’t saved wisely earlier. Now suppose this same person had a life insurance with accidental death coverage — although the loss would be irreversible and the family would be in the same state of grief, yet at the back of their minds they will feel secure that at least financially they have a strong foundation to work on.

Why do I Need Accidental Death Life Insurance?

On an average a million people die from accidental death in the United States every year. That statistic is staggering and shows us how important it can be to have a life insurance with accidental death coverage. When you are looking for quotes of such policies you will see that most of these policies come with coverage for death and dismemberment. So when we are talking about accidents it is not just about ones which lead to deaths but also the other ones where someone suffers any of the following:

  • Loses a limb
  • Becomes paralyzed
  • Loses his hearing, speech or sight

Is there a counter argument against having a life insurance with coverage for death and dismemberment? Yes, there is. Some claim that in any case your family is going to get your insurance money whatever may be the way you die. So why pay extra premium to get coverage against accidental death?

But such argument doesn’t hold much ground. If you have not made enough savings for your family to sustain if you are no longer there, then such a policy would definitely help. Yes, you will have to pay an extra premium for that. But are we that naive to think of getting some service or free. Of course they will charge higher premiums because they are providing a special facility.

But there is one other allegation. Across the United States there have been homicides where there have been killings in a family just to make money out of insurance. These murders have been tried to be positioned as accidents. But one cannot certainly fault the policy for such instances.

There are definite positives about such policies and there is no harm in at least getting life insurance quotes for accidental death.

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