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Shopping for Renters Insurance Quotes

If you currently have an insurance policy covering your auto and decide that you need renters insurance, you can start the process by asking your agent to provide you a quote. Since premium rates and levels of coverage vary greatly between insurance companies, a smart shopper gets competitive pricing from multiple companies.

Websites like NetQuote enable you to shop conveniently online, anytime, and receive multiple renters insurance quotes to choose from. You can compare prices and coverage, enabling you to get the right rate and coverage from the insurance company you believe will best suit your needs.

Where to Start?

Spending a small amount of time learning about what to look for in a renters insurance policy not only helps you to buy the right level and type of coverage you’ll need, it also helps you get the best rate possible.

NetQuote offers a number of learning tools and articles to provide you with valuable information on complementary topics.

Gather Your Information

When you go online to complete the application or when you’re talking to an agent, having all your ducks in a row before hand will help make the process go faster. This includes having all your personal information on hand, knowing how much coverage you’ll need, your desired deductible, the amount of liability coverage you’ll need and if you’ll want replacement cost coverage versus the typical actual cash value coverage.

Receiving and Comparing Rental Insurance Quotes

After you complete and submit your online application, you will begin to receive multiple quotes from insurance carriers via phone or email, depending on the method they use. If you’re working with your current agent, use the quote they provide to compare with other quotes you receive from your online submission.

If you need a refresher, refer back to the reference articles to make sure you’ve covered all the important points of a rental insurance policy. And feel free to ask as many questions as you need before making your final decision. This will enable you to find the best deal on your renters insurance and a carrier you feel confident about.

See how easy it is to shop for and save on your renters insurance — get your free quote now.

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