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Keep home insurance costs low by preventing frozen pipes: insurers

Frozen pipes are a threat to homes in colder climates, those in the insurance industry say

One of the leading causes of home insurance claims during the winter is damage resulting from frozen pipes, insurance companies say.

According to a major British insurer, the average cost to repair frozen pipe damage is substantial. The cost is likely high for those in America, as well, depending on the amount of damage that a frozen pipe causes.

And, said that British company to the Belfast Telegraph, home insurance claims related to frozen pipe damage have been on the rise: one in six of its customers’ claims are pipe-related, up from one in ten earlier in the winter.

Cold weather has been plaguing the Eastern Seaboard in recent weeks: even fruit crops in Florida are being threatened by near-freezing temperatures, reports say. In Missouri, insurance companies are urging homeowners to mitigate the risk of pipes freezing by opening under-sink cabinets and leaving faucet taps open slightly in unheated areas.

Even Floridians, it seems, should be preventing pipes from freezing so they don’t have to file home insurance claims.

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Posted: January 11, 2010

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