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Homeowners Insurance v. Musical Instrument Insurance

Your musical instrument is as much a part of you as your hands, feet and artistic skill. You hold it near and dear to your heart, which is why you need to protect it with musical instrument insurance. Granted, some homeowners insurance policies will cover the cost to replace or repair your instrument in the event it is stolen or damaged, but this is not always the case. And even if it is covered, there are likely to be exclusions as to what it will pay for. For instance, it may only replace your instrument if it is stolen from the house you reside in. So, if it is stolen after a jam session away from home you will be out of luck, but property insurance for musicians can pay for your loss in almost all situations. Homeowners insurance is unlikely to pay for damages or loss resulting from a flood, earthquake, or any other natural disaster whereas musical instrument insurance can. To boot, most homeowners insurance policies will not pay for a loss if it happens at a venue where you’re being paid to perform. Again, musical instrument insurance will. Property insurance for musicians can provide coverage no matter where you are in the world, depending on your policy.

Keep Your Music Alive: Property Insurance for Musicians
If you play your instrument in a band, symphony orchestra, or chamber music ensemble, property insurance for musicians is vital. How will the show go on without you if you’re missing your equipment? You may feel as though you’ve lost a piece of your person if your instrument is lost or stolen, but property insurance for musicians can provide the finances to purchase a new one. You could never replace the instrument you’ve harmonized with, but you could learn to bond with a new piece of equipment with property insurance for musicians. Musical instrument insurance can cover the cost to repair or replace your instrument and typically comes with a low-cost annual premium. You can save money on your musical instrument insurance if you compare the rates of competing companies. Whether your instrument cost you $100, $20,000, or anywhere above and beyond, by using NetQuote you’re sure to find the right insurer for you. Complete a form on and share with us your musical instrument insurance needs and we’ll locate several companies that can tune in to your needs.

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