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Control Your Own Destiny with Independent Insurance Quotes

Finding independent insurance quotes is one of the smartest moves you can make if you’re in need of quality insurance coverage at the best value. Whether you’re looking to connect with an independent insurance agent, or are soliciting quotes from a number of providers via an online insurance quote provider like, obtaining and comparing unbiased and comprehensive quotes has never been easier for those looking to fulfill their insurance needs.

Why Independent Insurance Quotes Are So Valuable

While saving money tops the list, there are a host of reasons why going to an independent source for insurance is in your best interests — but don’t take our word for it. Sources as diverse as The Wall Street Journal’s, consumer advocate Consumer Reports, and MSN Money all suggest that shopping around is the best way to cut your costs, and that soliciting independent quotes from an online insurance quote provider is one of the easiest way to go about it. If you’re on the hunt for independent insurance quotes, here is some food for thought on the subject that is worthy of your consideration:

    • What is Your Time Worth? —Soliciting independent insurance quotes from an online service doesn’t just save you money, it saves you an awful lot of time, as well. In order to provide you with accurate quotes, insurance providers need to gather information about your insurance needs, and those forms (usually in the neighborhood of 100 to 150 questions per query) can take a lot of time to fill out. Rather than filling them out repeatedly for each provider, however, you can use an independent insurance quote provider like, and only have to fill them out once.
    • Comparison Shopping Gets Results —As we’ve already mentioned, financial advisors and consumer advocates alike agree that getting as many quotes as possible is the clearest path to maximum value where insurance concerned. By comparing the coverage and rates of multiple providers, you can search for the best price, compare coverages, quickly rule out high and low ball quotes (often a red-flag for potential insurance fraud), and even use competing quotes as a bargaining tool on route to more favorable offers.
  • Staying On Top of Fluctuating Insurance Rates —Last, but certainly not least, independent insurance quotes from an online insurance broker provide you with a free and convenient way to keep up with an insurance market that is anything but stagnant. For example, statistics compiled by not only show that insurance rates fluctuate monthly (average home insurance rates dropped from $695.70 in November of 2009, to $690.62 in December, to $683.50 in January of 2010), but also vary state by state (rates rose 15.8% over the same time period in Utah, while dropping 13.1% in Delaware). Add to that the fact that large insurance companies independently raise and lower rates a few times a year to gain clients and maximize profits, and it’s easy to see why regularly soliciting a number of independent quotes is the best way to keep up with the times.

Giant Corporations vs. Independent Agents: Leveling the Insurance Playing Field

Last but not least, online insurance providers provide one of the few truly independent playing fields for both industry giants and independent insurance agents. Rather than favoring the corporate giants, or representing them captively (as so many agents do), online quote services provide customers equal access to both with independent insurance quotes, allowing consumers to make their own informed decisions about who can provide the best combination of care, coverage, and rates in meeting all of their insurance needs.

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