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Hurricane season a pressing threat for property owners

Before winds, rain hit experts advise reviewing homeowners insurance coverage

Forecasts for the upcoming hurricane season are already gathering speed with two experts calling for 12 storms – an “average” number compared to other years.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, William Gray and Philip Klotzbach of Colorado State University say that of those 12 storms, six hurricanes and two other storms could have Category 3 winds or higher.

“Forecasts of an average season should not lead to complacency,” warned Jeanne Salvatore, senior vice president and consumer spokesperson at the institute.

“An average hurricane season was also forecast in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew destroyed much of South Florida, causing more than $23 billion in 2008 dollars) in property losses. The time to prepare is now,” Salvatore added.

Part of that preparation, says the Insurance Information Institute, includes reviewing homeowners insurance plans.

Ensuring the accurate value of a property is reflected in coverage could mean the difference between having enough money to rebuild a home should a storm cause major damage or being left with exorbitant repair expenses to pay out of pocket.

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Posted: June 01, 2009

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