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Some consumers learning the hard way what home insurance doesn’t cover

Keeping a close eye out for defects in a home before buying it can result in considerable savings down the road, some unlucky insurance customers have learned.

Consumers who want to protect themselves from financial difficulties are generally advised to know exactly what their home insurance policies cover and to carefully check any house they plan to buy for defects and other problems that might not be covered.

This point is being driven home by a growing Chinese drywall problem that has left thousands of homeowners with uninhabitable buildings. The problem stems from shoddy imported building materials imported at the height of the housing boom.

According to an Associated Press report, some homeowners are now finding claims connected with Chinese drywall denied and their policies not being renewed because the situation is considered a building defect.

Resolving the problem will be difficult in the long term when considering the low likelihood that the Chinese government or Chinese companies that sold the defective product will ever respond to lawsuits.

Even in the U.S., a recent report in the Sarasota Herald Tribune noted that the White House and other top government officials have so far not been inclined to publicly address an issue that has left thousands of Americans with home insurance hassles and uninhabitable houses.

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Posted: October 15, 2009

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