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Making the Most of a Home Insurance Comparison

You probably already know that if you’d like to cut your home insurance cost, you need to do a home insurance comparison. But do you know what factors you should be looking at in that home insurance comparison?

Policy limits and policy deductibles can make a big impact on your home insurance cost. So when you’re doing a home insurance comparison, keep track of the policy limits offered by each insurance company. Ask each insurer how a raising the policy deductible will impact your home insurance cost.

Another thing to track in your home insurance comparison is the type of discounts offered by an insurer. Installing deadbolts or windows locks can reduce your home insurance cost; so can adding security and/or sprinkler systems. You may also be eligible for discounts if you carry other coverages with the same insurer.

When you’re considering various homeowner’s policies, be sure to check if it’s a cash value or replacement cost coverage. When you have a claim due to a covered loss like a fire or a windstorm), a cash value policy will pay only for the depreciated cost of the damage. A replacement cost policy, on the other hand, would provide enough cash to completely repair the damage. But a replacement cost policy will cost you more in premiums than a cash value policy–another thing to remember in your home insurance comparison.

Finding the Best Rates For a Home Insurance Comparison
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