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Affordable Renters Insurance

As with any insurance policy, there are also a number of ways you can save on renters insurance. So before you start shopping, here are some valuable tips to help keep a few more dollars in your pocket.

Let Insurance Companies Compete for Your Business

There are hundreds of insurance companies that offer renters insurance. Some are focused on specific regions in the country while large carriers have offices nationwide. It is easy to turn to the insurance company that is already covering your automobile, but it’s also smart to get competitive quotes from additional companies. The most convenient way is to shop online via websites like NetQuote. By completing one online application, you can receive multiple quotes from competing insurance companies and compare their premiums and coverage side-by-side.

Look at Your Deductible

A higher deductible on an insurance policy can equal a lower the premium. Whether you are shopping for a new renters insurance policy or re-evaluating your current policy, look for the costs differences on quotes based on $250, $500 and $1000. You may find the difference between $500 and $1000 is just a few dollars, but in the event of a claim you’ll have to pay out an extra $500 if you have a higher deductible.

Standard Discounts

When you begin to work with an agent, one topic that often starts the conversation is discounts. Again, insurance companies want your business, and one of the ways they attract consumers is through multi-line discounts that consolidate your policies with one company. If you currently have auto insurance, start by asking your agent to provide you with a renters insurance quote while also shopping around online to get insurance quotes for both auto and renters.

Many companies also offer discounts when you properly equip your apartment with safety and security equipment, which includes the use of deadbolt locks, smoke alarms and a fire extinguisher. Even if your apartment has a fire extinguisher in the hallway of the building, having one in your apartment is a smart precaution to take.

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