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Information on Health Insurance Coverage

Medical health insurance coverage is something that every person needs to have. The only problem lies in knowing what to get, where to get it and how much you need. In some cases, you really do not control these issues because your employer provides them for you. But is that enough?

Medical Health Insurance Tips

To help you know what medical health insurance is the right one for you, here are some tips:

  • The coverage that you get should provide for most medical treatments to be administered. It should include coverage for specialists and also for treatment at a hospital. It should also include preventative care. It would also be wise to include dental and vision.
  • Check the deductible, of which many people have no idea. Usually, this is the amount that you pay before the medical health insurance is operational. You can raise this amount if you wish, and get a lower price on your medical insurance coverage. The catch is that you should only do this if you can afford the higher payments when the time comes.
  • In many cases, prescription coverage is a must. Even if you do not take any pills or products at the time of buying the policy, you may do so in future. Most medication is usually expensive and when you consider how that you may take them for the rest of your life, prescription coverage, as we say, is a must.
  • Lastly, the medical insurance coverage that you get should come from doctors that you know and trust. There are many cases where there is little choice as to whom you go to see.

Group Health Insurance Coverage

That was our basic take on individual medical health insurance coverage. However, as an employee, you are more likely to be part of a group medical insurance plan. So perhaps you need a lowdown on group medical insurance coverage as well.

  • Group medical health insurance is essential for employers to retain good employees. However, an employer always weighs the cost of this medical insurance against the need to retain sound employees.
  • Employees often prefer that employers take money out their check for group health than for them to write a check each month for it.
  • It is the job of the employer to keep the group medical insurance cost to a minimum. If an employer already has a group medical insurance coverage, he can raise the deductible to discourage overuse of the coverage by employees. However, a dramatic increase in the group health insurance deductible may cause some grumbling among employees.
  • It is very important to review and understand your group health quotes that you will receive. Any insurance agent or broker that provides you with initial group health quotes over the phone, without having your employees fill out any applications, is doing you a disservice. Unless the agent is the Great Houdini, no one in our field can give you a firm, group health quote without a thorough underwriting. Group Health Insurance is too complicated to be taken this casual. Remember, look for an agent that gets to know your particular situation, understand your needs, and has the group health benefits that meet your expectations.
  • An employer is required to contribute at least 25% of the premiums for the group medical insurance coverage.
  • Many group medical carriers want at least 60-70% participation of eligible employees to take the group medical insurance or they will not underwrite the group.

So the next time you need to seek medical health insurance coverage, you know where to look!

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