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Health Care Summit: A National Conversation about Your Health Care

On Thursday, February 25th, President Obama and Congressional Leadership from both parties met for six-plus hours of conversation about the future of the nation’s health care system. The Blair House Health Care Summit is, if nothing else, a forum to showcase the thought process and positions of our national leaders. As online referral service connecting consumers with insurance providers, NetQuote also wants to help create a more informed public who will be able to make the best insurance decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Take some time and join our national conversation about the future of our health care system.

Health Care Summit Coverage: Don’t Let the Media Spin You Around

Since the Summit has concluded, media pundits have begun to spin the event as though Americans were more concerned with the political theater than what’s going to happen with their health care. There is a mainstream chorus of nobody won and nothing has changed, but once you do a little digging you can also find a very eloquent minority lauding the tone of the debate. The Health Care Summit, in fact, raised the level of debate about health care reform to such an extent that it’s fair to say that the American public won.

To be fair, not everybody agrees with the assessment. Associated Press Writer Ron Fournier claims politics and posing trumped policy discussion, but he also sounds like someone who had already made up his mind about what the Summit would be. If you only listened to Reps. Weiner and Cantor, that might be the case, but if you also listened to Sens. Coburn and Schumer, you heard a very different story unfold. Yes, there were heated exchanges, tense moments, and individual displays of partisanship, but after watching every single minute of the Summit, I can tell you the dominant attitude was one of open dialogue and an honest of exchange of ideas.

Join the Conversation: Become Informed about Health Care in Less than an Hour

If you’re like most Americans, you probably didn’t have the opportunity and still don’t have the time to sit down and watch the Blair House Health Care Summit in its entirety. This doesn’t mean you need to rely on the curious analysis of media pundits or the most sensational sound bytes. We’ve boiled the conversation down to its most salient details, included a brief introduction to the four component parts of health care reform, and provided educational, bipartisan links for further reading.

Of course, being informed about the health care system is only a means to an end. We want to invite you to join the national conversation about health care, but we’re also here to help you find more affordable and more transparent health insurance. If you’re looking for health insurance coverage or just wondering if there’s a better policy or company, don’t hesitate to fill out our brief online form to find health insurance quotes that are available in your state. Until Congress figures out the best way to increase competition, we’re doing our part to make sure you’re at least fully aware of the competition that does exist.

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