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Small business owners debate health insurance

With healthcare reform at the forefront of the Obama administration’s agenda, many have opposing views

The sour economy has left many individuals facing unpleasant decisions about how to allocate their money. With mounting credit card bills, retirement savings and medical expenses all top priority, some people have made drastic cuts.

Surveys of consumers have revealed that many people strapped for cash are postponing expensive medical procedures not covered by health insurance and could be causing further harm.

Small business owners grappling with their own cash flow woes are debating the expense of health insurance on a daily basis and wondering how employees can best be covered at an affordable rate.

Kaiser Health News profiles two small business owners who are both fed up with the cost of health care but have different views on how to fix the system.

One, the owner of an auto repair business advocates federal intervention while the other, a family-owned construction operation favors government taking their hand out of the pot and allowing free market competition for insurance to drive down the price.

The news source suggests that small business owners – employing some 68 million workers – will have a big voice in the healthcare debate.

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Posted: June 15, 2009

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