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Health insurance burden grows for many workers

Consumers can still find ways to save money on health insurance, even as overall costs continue to rise.

Saving money on health insurance requires careful planning and sound strategies, especially in the current economic environment.

Rising medical costs have forced many companies, especially small businesses, to eliminate health benefits outright for their workers or dramatically scale them back. The result can be more people trying to find adequate and affordable coverage in the private insurance market.

With that in mind, a recent USA Today article cited some of the growing burdens workers are facing when it comes to health insurance, such as paying an overall percentage of one’s costs as opposed to paying co-pays on doctor visits and other procedures.

When it comes to saving money, the newspaper advises people to try things like switching to generic prescription drugs and to check for health plan programs that cover the entire cost of drugs, such as cholesterol medication, that is likely to keep people from potentially expensive hospitalization. Other strategies include finding a plan with a high deductible and being able to prove that all dependents are eligible for coverage in case of an audit.

Overall, high health insurance premiums have been going up in recent years, but people can still often find coverage that is right for them.

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Posted: October 9, 2009

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