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Health Insurance Tips

Health care costs are one of the greatest strains on the budgets of many Americans. Because health insurance is much too important for most people to go without, individuals and families need ways to control costs.

Here are six ideas that could save you money without sacrificing coverage:

  1. Consolidate – Many families are offered health insurance through the employers of both spouses. If that is the case in your home, consider forgoing coverage under one plan for another, but only if one of the plans offers the coverage your family needs.
  2. Ask about the group plan at work – Get information about your employer-sponsored health plan today. Enrolling in the group plan could save you big bucks over the cost of an individual policy. If a health benefit is available at your place of employment, ask your employer what you must do before the next enrollment period to sign up.
  3. Know your coverage – A major contributor to swollen health-care costs is people seeking services from providers not covered under their plan. Before seeking care from a physician make sure you understand which of their services are covered and for how much. Also, know in advance which hospitals in your community honor your health insurance in case of an emergency.
  4. Review co-payments and deductibles – If you are young, healthy or financially capable, raising co-payments and deductibles may be a fast, simple way to save on your premium.
  5. Comparison shop – Even if you have coverage through your employer’s plan, it may be worth doing some shopping. Knowing what other plans are available, the services they offer including free services), supplementary services e.g. dental care, vision, etc.) or significant tax-savings could lead to a plan with significant, long-term savings.
  6. Don’t overpay for drugs – Always ask your doctor about generic forms of prescription medication; it can save you a lot of money.

The best way to keep health costs down is to maintain your health. Heavy smokers, heavy drinkers and heavy people historically pay more for coverage – much more. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is fun, affordable and can cut down on your premium…big time!

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