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Questions for Your Health Insurance Agent

Purchasing health insurance is can be a daunting task, but it’s well worth the time to search until you find the right policy for you and your family. A solid understanding of the coverage and how it applies will make the shopping process worthwhile.

Understanding health insurance coverage begins with asking important questions. You should begin by asking your agent questions about who is covered under the proposed policy. For example, you need to understand the following:

  • Who is entitled to benefits under my health insurance policy?
  • Will my children be covered if they move out of the house? What if they graduate from college? What if they get a full-time job?
  • My spouse has health insurance coverage through his/her job. Will the group policy address all the medical needs of my household?

There also are important financial issues you must understand before selecting a health insurance policy. Determining the best possible benefits you can afford is one of the more difficult aspects of insurance shopping. Relevant questions to ask include:

  • How can I lower the cost of my premium?
  • Will my premium come down if I do not have claims?
  • Can I increase or lower my deductible or co-pay?
  • If I or someone in my family gets sick will my premium be affected?

There may be circumstances when health insurance coverage applies at a limited capacity or not at all. Ideally, you should know what coverage is offered before choosing a policy. Ask these questions:

  • Does my policy include a network of physicians from whom I should seek treatment?
  • If I seek treatment from a physician who is out of my network, how will my health insurance coverage be affected?

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