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Unitrin Insurance Overview

Company Profile

Unitrin Insurance has more than 6 million policyholders, has its headquarters in Chicago, and boasts of a robust $9 billion in assets. Unitrin gets $2.5 billion in annual premium revenues. The Unitrin family of insurance firms employ near about 8,500 associates. To add to Unitrin’s assuring dominance over number, it has been providing insurance coverage for the last 75 years. Therefore, Unitrin Insurance is one of the most experienced companies in the business right now.

The Unitrin family of companies is one of the leading insurance firms in the country. Unitrin specializes in life and affordable health insurance, property and casualty insurance, and consumer finance for small businesses, families, and individuals.

Unitrin Direct is a subsidiary part of the Unitrin Insurance family of firms. Unitrin allows a certain degree of autonomy to the companies under its umbrella. This, they maintain, makes service more competitive, agile and fast.

Unitrin Direct is a highly rated insurance firm among financial watchers. For example, A.M. Best Company, a leading insurance and financial analyst group, rates Unitrin Direct as an ‘Excellent’ (A grade) company. (Information on the AM Best rating system and how it is determined)


Unitrin Direct is a flexible auto insurance company. It offers its customers a number of choices regarding the details of their policies. In short, the policies from Unitrin Direct are customizable up to a certain point for the benefit of the subscriber.

Unitrin Direct also offers a Unitrin Direct Homeowners Insurance Program, which allows people to protect their valued possessions at home. Additionally, Unitrin Direct gives homeowners a discount on their auto insurance plan. However, as yet, the Homeowners Program and policy discounts from Unitrin Direct are not available coast to coast.

Unitrin Direct offers its policyholders a number of discounts. For instance, it offers discounts for multiple cars, students away at school, and the use of vehicle safety devices. Customers have the option of choosing the right policy that match their exact needs. Additionally, when Unitrin Insurance customers want to make changes to their existing quote they can do so online. Its also possible to purchase a policy online in easy steps from Unitrin Direct’s secure website.


Unitrin Insurance is available to take its customer’s insurance claims 24 hours everyday.

The customer has a number of choices in accessing their account details. They can either use the automated phone communication system, go for a human professional, or just login to their accounts online. This saves their customers time and allows them to communicate with the company in multiple methods.


Unitrin Direct, in accordance with Unitrin Insurance, follows a policy of being completely honest and straightforward with its customers. In fact, it has a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which is available online, that the company strives to follow in their financial operations.

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