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American Family Insurance Overview

Company Profile

American Family Insurance is a dependable insurance company that has provided insurance protection to Americans for the last 70 years. The company boasts of an A+ rating from A.M.Best Company, a premier insurance analysis agency. (Information on the AM Best rating system and how it is determined) Its experience of seven decades guarantees for a long-standing and solid asset base, a guarantee to the money of the policyholders.

The advantage of being in the business of insurance for seventy years is that, American Family Insurance has experience in dealing with needs of all kinds of customers to address all affordable insurance needs.

Insurances Offered

American Family Insurance provides insurance coverage for a number of disasters and distresses. The insurance company insures your car, provides cover for your business, home, or health, farm or ranch. Along with its life insurance coverage, American Family Insurance also has financial services. And when you have all your protection under one roof, you have security, convenience, and a friendly professional working for you.

American Family Insurance provides for affordable insurance in the following areas: Vehicle Insurance, Property Insurance, Business Insurance, Farm and Ranch Insurance, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance.


American Family Insurance has nearly 4000 agents in 17 states. It also has over 7000 employees in its offices across America. American Family Insurance’s large human resources base makes it possible for the company to provide good personal service, a very important quality when it comes to insurance coverage needs.

American Family Agents are insurance professionals who customize policies according to the individual needs of the customer, thus offering the best possible coverage within the framework.

Customer-friendly Rates and Discounts

Customers receive many benefits with an American Family insurance policy. For example: qualified policyholders may save up to a fifth on their automobile insurance premiums with the Auto and Home Premium Advantage discount program. Additional auto and home discounts are also available to qualified customers.


The company operates in seventeen states of the USA. These are: Arizona, Kansas, Ohio, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, Idaho Missouri, South Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska, Utah, Indiana, Nevada, Wisconsin, Iowa and North Dakota.

Informative agents committed to helping you get a great value for your insurance dollar -and friendly, dedicated staff eager to assist you.

Fast, Fair Claims

American Family Agents response to the needs of their clients is prompt and comprehensive. The claim service of American Family is fast and fair.

Extra Services

American Family Insurance service to the customer does not stop after the policy is purchased. American Family Insurance provides additional services for the benefits of their clients. For instance, their agents may provide a free Personal Insurance Review to check the customer’s current insurance policies for cost duplications and loopholes in coverage. Thus, American Family Insurance not only provides the expected services, but also gives fringe advantages to its policyholders.

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