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Understanding Liability Insurance for Window Washers

It’s obvious that in order to run a successful business you need to get the word out about your skills and dependability. What might not be so clear is why you need liability insurance for window washers. The best answer to that is no matter what type of company you own, you need to be protected in order to maintain a successful business. Liability window washing insurance safeguards policyholders from having to pay out of pocket for injury and damage claims by others. You may believe that you run a harmless operation, but you could be paying for costly medical bills if just one person slips on your cleaning solution. In a situation such as this, liability insurance for window washers would cover all the bases by paying for medical treatment and any consequent lawsuits if it is caused by your business. It also pays for damages to others’ property as well. You may not think that your business could cause a lot of damage, but if bills start rolling in to pay for broken windows you’d best hope you have liability insurance for window washers.

On average general liability insurance for window washers can cost you between $300 and $900.

A Multi-Purpose Window Cleaning Solution

Do you need business owner’s policy (BOP)? If so, your policy could start at $500 for your window cleaning business. Well, it all depends on the size of your operation, the amount business property you have, and how much you rely on your income. If you’re a one-man operation you may not need this window washing insurance or you may only require a small amount of coverage, especially if you have only a couple hundred dollars worth of business property and merely wash windows for bonus income. But if you make a living on your business and you have employees, a business structure and a good amount of business supplies it would be wise to consider this window washing insurance coverage. BOPs include property, liability and business interruption insurances. This is a great option for small business owners as it is a bundled package that generally costs less than purchasing individual insurance policies. BOPs cover structural damages to your property, including the landscaping, business sign and fence. It pays out if your computers, machinery, furniture, inventory and other property tied to your company are damaged or lost in instances of fire or theft, for example. If you must cease operations because your property is lost or damaged, your business interruption coverage kicks in. Business interruption coverage on your window washing insurance ensures you receive your stream of revenue during business reparations. BOPs cover home businesses as well.

Spotless Insurance Coverage

No matter the size of your business, liability insurance for window washers is a wise investment. The last thing you want is for your business to go under because of a frivolous mishap. But as your company grows it would do you well to look into additional window washing insurance coverages. Take a little time to evaluate your insurance needs and share that information with window washing insurance agents. You can pick up the phone and call individual companies or stop by their local offices. Or, you can take advantage of netQuote’s services. We’re in business to assist insurance lookers in finding quality, affordable insurance coverage. All you have to do is fill out a simple form and we’ll have several window washing insurance quotes sent directly to your email.

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