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A Clear Choice: Liability Insurance for Window Cleaners

It’s unclear why people hate cleaning windows. Maybe they’re troubled by the outside factors that contributed to their messy windows. Perhaps they suffer from eisoptrophobia a fear of your own reflection. It’s possible they’re just lazy. Who knows? Regardless of why, there is a demand for window cleaners, which is probably a key aspect to your decision in making it a profession. Whether or not you’ve thought about purchasing liability insurance for window cleaners, it’s important to know how valuable this protection can be for your business. For instance, if you have a client whose business windows are of the colossal nature, would you have the money to replace it if you broke it? If it shattered and your client’s customers were injured by the shards, could you pay for their injuries? Protecting your business with liability insurance will pay for these types of damages and for any proceeding lawsuits. This window cleaning insurance is generally inexpensive, especially if you compare it to the cost of handling a situation of this nature on your own.

Window Cleaning Business Insurance

Responsible Driving

Chances are you use your vehicle to get from one worksite to the next, and the bigger your company is the more important it is to consider commerical auto liability insurance for window cleaners. This coverage is much like your personal auto insurance; it pays out for injuries or property damage if the insured vehicle is the cause of an accident or is hit by an uninsured or hit-and-run driver. Window cleaning insurance on your automobiles offers protection to employees who use your work vehicles as well. Your window cleaning insurance agent will likely recommend you purchase a named non-owner policy for workers who use your business vehicles.

Own Up to Your Business

As your business grows you have more assets to protect. Owners of small to mid-sized companies will commonly purchase a business owner’s policy (BOP) to protect their property, operations and liability. A BOP insures the policyholder’s buildings and its contents, such as the business sign, computers, landscape and furniture. It offers the insured financial compensation for lost income with business interruption insurance if the property is damaged so badly that the business must shut down for renovations. Liability insurance for window cleaners is included in a BOP as well. Additional coverages such as commercial auto or workers compensation insurance are not covered in a BOP. You will have to purchase these supplementary coverages separately from your window cleaning insurance company.

Employ Helpful Tools

You’re likely to gain more clients if they know you carry liability insurance for window cleaners as they realize how serious you are about your business, their property and the welfare of others.

They’d probably choose your services over competitors who don’t carry window cleaning insurance. The coverage that window cleaning insurance provides far outweighs its cost. If you look around you’ll find that there are several companies that offer window cleaning insurance. You can research, call and visit each company on your own or you can utilize a free service like netQuote. Simply fill out an easy form on and in no time you’ll have several quotes to compare side by side.

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