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Build Your Arsenal with Legal Liability for Warehouses

When you’re responsible for others’ property you need extra insurance protection. Warehouse owners, for example, can essentially store millions and possibly billions of dollars worth of property. That’s why it’s vital they are protected with legal liability for warehouses. This valuable insurance coverage can help pay for your customers’ damaged, lost or stolen property. It can help if your warehouse becomes a victim of infestation or suffers a loss of refrigeration. The mysterious disappearance of inventory is the leading cause of loss in public warehouse operations, according to PrideMark-Everest Insurance Services. Various insurance providers include this protection for policyholders that purchase legal liability for warehouses. If a customer wants to sue you for property damage or loss, legal liability for warehouses will help pay for your legal defense and court costs.

Warehouse Legal Liability Insurance

Grounds for Protection

Yes, you shelter others’ property, but you also need to protect your business structure and land as well. Warehouse insurance for your property does just that. From your business equipment to computers and furniture, you are covered with property insurance. It can even protect your land, business sign and fencing. For instance, say thieves break into your property and steal your computers and cash register. Your customers’ property goes unharmed, but the items you need on a daily basis are now gone. Warehouse insurance for your property will pay to replace these items. However, it is your responsibility to secure your business structure with burglar alarms and bolted locks. If your warehouse insurance provider finds that you were negligent in employing these devices you may have to pay to replace these items on your own. But if the thieves were simply able to thwart your security system, your warehouse insurance provider would pay for your loss if your property is insured.

What is covered by warehouse legal liability insurance:

  • Tangible property
    1. Forklifts
    2. Tools
    3. Hand trucks
    4. Rack Systems
    5. Computers
    6. Networking systems
    7. Personal property that is used in conjunction with a warehouse and logistical business
  • Accounts receivable
  • Valuable documents, data and software
  • Damage to property and physical loss
  • Equipment in leased buildings and damage to fixtures

Strategize and Maximize

It’s in your best interest to guard your business and your customers with a comprehensive warehouse insurance plan and a security system. Most insurance providers offer discounts to those who purchase a bundled insurance package and safeguard their property with anti-theft devices. Moreover, prospective customers are more likely to store their belongings with your company knowing you are protected with warehouse insurance. It’s good to explore your options when insuring your business. By comparing quotes with netQuote you can get some valuable insight and make an educated decision on who you want protecting your warehouse. This process can take a lot of time if you’re calling or stopping by individual insurance companies on your own. However, if you use our free service, you can get numerous quotes from providers offering insurance coverage including legal liability for warehouses. Just let us know what coverages you require on and we’ll send several warehouse insurance quotes directly to your email. Our simple online form takes about 10 minutes to complete which means you can spend less time researching companies on your own and more time operating your business.

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Editor’s Note: This is an updated version of a story originally published on December 31, 2013.

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