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Capturing Coverage: Liability Insurance for Videographers

Whether you’re trying to capture a special moment between the bride and groom or you’re working on a documentary, you have a special talent that breeds emotions in those who see your work. Nabbing the key shots that pull in viewers has become second nature to you, and once you place your eye behind that viewfinder there’s no telling how the story will go. But there are times when a videographer’s work is taken out of context and if someone feels offended as a result, a legal dispute could arise. In this type of situation a fairytale ending for that cameraperson could be far from sight without liability insurance for videographers. Claims related to libelous or slanderous damages are covered by liability insurance for videographers if you are being sued. Even if you are deemed at fault, this videography insurance will pay for your court costs, legal representation and any damages you might be held responsible for. Liability insurance for videographers also covers property damage and physical injuries caused by your business.

Save Your Special Effects
Without your equipment you wouldn’t have a business. That being said, if you don’t have enough money on hand to replace your gear if it is lost or damaged, it’s probably in your best interest to buy videography insurance. Whether your office is at home or at another location, a business owner’s policy BOP) can cover the cost of your cameras, computers, sound mixing equipment and other devices. A BOP also pays for the insured’s building, landscaping, business sign, furniture, and all other business property named on the policy. Also included in this videography insurance is business interruption coverage which pays the policyholder for loss of revenue if his business must close up shop due to damages to his property. With all of the expensive equipment needed to do your job, videography insurance for your property is essential in keeping your business running.

See the Difference
Other types of liability insurance for videographers you might want to look into are commercial auto and workers compensation. You can save money on your videography insurance if you purchase a bundled package and/or opt for a higher deductible, but you can save hundreds on your videography insurance by comparison shopping. Here at NetQuote we realize that no two videographers are alike and how you build your insurance plan is likely different than your competitors. Visit us at, fill out a simple form specifying your videography insurance needs, and we’ll send you several price comparisons for free.

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