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Vending Machine Business Insurance: Protect Your Product

Operating a vending machine is easy enough in some ways. You may not think much about it after placing a machine somewhere and letting customers put money in daily. The problem is that you don’t know what’s going on with the machine when you don’t see it. Liability insurance for vending machine operators protects your interests for all the things you can’t predict. And when you compare multiple quotes, vending machine business insurance is actually quite affordable.

Foodstuffs and Liability Insurance for Vending Machine Operators

While it’s true that companies such as Coca-Cola and Lay’s have insurance for their products, when a customer buys a product from your machine and gets sick, you may be the person that customer comes after. It’s unlikely that you can guarantee that every bagged snack or canned beverage sold in your machine is fresh or untainted. If a customer gets food poisoning, liability insurance for vending machine operators will handle the customer’s medical bills and protect you from any further liability. Also, if you were the person who prepared the food, your liability risk is even higher–as is your need for vending machine business insurance.

Vending Machine Business Insurance

The Precedents

But food poisoning isn’t the only reason you need vending machine business insurance. Do you remember the lawsuit filed against McDonald’s after a woman spilled coffee on herself and claimed the coffee was too hot? Well, do you have any machines that sell hot cups of coffee? And if not, take this hypothetical example and let it guide your imagination. Do you sell any small products that a young child might accidentally swallow? What about anything that contains ink that might stain a customer? Expect that people sue for reasons big and small, and that you’ll need liability insurance for vending machine operators to effectively shield you from any claim.

Care for Children

You’ve probably seen young children wandering away from their parents in the grocery store, or young teens hanging out in the mall, looking for a way to kill their boredom. A young girl in a grocery store may try to reach into your gumball machine. A teenage boy may try to impress his friends by reaching into your machine for a fake tattoo kit. And in either case, their arm could get stuck, and without liability insurance for vending machine operators, you could be looking at a lawsuit. Or maybe some kids try to shake a machine to get at the good inside, and the machine falls over. Do you always have control over how securely the vending machine is anchored in someone else’s store? When these things are out of sight, they won’t be out of mind if you buy vending machine business insurance.

Property Protection and Vending Machine Business Insurance

How much you insure your vending machine depends in part on what kind of machine it is and where you place it. Generally speaking, vending machines are in high visibility spots, so theft and vandalism isn’t much of an issue. And since the risk is small, you can probably buy property policy that covers all of your machines for a low premium. It’s a good idea to include this with all of your liability coverage in single vending machine business insurance policy. Use the free services of to compare quotes, and you’ll quickly discover just how little you have to pay. Protect your product and your assets, and your vending machine business will always run smoothly.

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