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Tailors Insurance: The Right Stitch for Business Success

For someone who needs a simple fix like a new zipper on a pair of jeans, there’s not much risk involved. If you make a mistake, you can probably correct it with a minimal amount of time and money. But the more expensive the pair of jeans, the greater the chance your customer gets upset. So when you get a bride-to-be who needs some stitch work done on her wedding dress, you have the chance to make more money–and a greater need for liability insurance for tailors and dressmakers. If there’s a hitch in the wedding that she blames on you, tailors insurance is the way to avoid costly liability. Shop around, and you can save hundreds on top coverage.

Liability Insurance for Tailors and Dressmakers
Of your two necessary kinds of coverage, the first is liability insurance for tailors and dressmakers. And this has a couple of aspects. One of these is customer injury. Every day, customers come to your shop. They bring pants that need hemming, coats with tears, busted buttons and zippers. And every time they come inside, you need tailors insurance for any injury they might suffer. Maybe they trip on an upturned rug or slip on a wet floor. A back injury, for example, will involve costly doctor visits, possibly a hospital stay, and perhaps even a lawsuit for further damages. But not if you’re covered. You won’t even have to pay the legal fees.

Tailors Insurance and Mistakes
The example of a wedding dress is perhaps the worst-case scenario, but plenty of articles of clothing have a lot of value, either financially or emotionally. There are vintage coats, dazzling evening dresses, high-end suits. Liability insurance for tailors and dressmakers is necessary for all of these. You need to cover your business and personal assets for claims of errors and negligence–for you and anyone who works for you. You don’t want to pay for an item if the mistake wasn’t actually yours, and you don’t want to be held liable for ruining an important event. Start shopping for tailors insurance now.

Your Shop and Property
There’s the business property side to tailors insurance, too. You need to cover your building and equipment against things like fire, lightning, strong winds, burglary, and vandalism. Usually this isn’t overly expensive, since these kinds of things are identified as common perils. Not only will you be able to cover very expensive repairs to the building, but you can replace lost income while you can’t work due to damaged equipment.

Save Through Shopping
It’s worth checking to see if a general business policy can give you all the property and liability insurance for tailors and dressmakers that you need. You may save money that way. But even if you decide on separate policies, make sure you shop around. It’s the surest way to get the best coverage in your price range. Turn to for your tailors insurance needs. This free service will quickly show you just how little you can pay. It’s the right stitch, at the right price.

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